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One-on-one with interim athletic director Peter Roby ’79

(03/07/22 7:15am)

Appointed interim athletics director in February 2021, Peter Roby ’79 has navigated the fallout of the elimination and eventual reinstatement of five varsity athletic teams, the subsequent retirement of former athletics director Harry Sheehy and a year full of COVID-19 cancellations and restrictions. Roby sat down with The Dartmouth to discuss the challenges and accomplishments of his first year in the athletics department.

Undefeated men’s club hockey team to compete at nationals in St. Louis this week

(03/07/22 7:05am)

After a two year hiatus from the ice caused by COVID-19, the men’s club hockey team is right back where they left off in March of 2020: heading to nationals. The team will take its undefeated record to St. Louis, Missouri from March 10–15 to compete against other top American Club Hockey Association teams like the University of New Mexico and Grand Valley State University, the latter of which was the national runner-up in 2019 and is ranked second coming into the tournament. The Big Green hasn’t lost a game in the past three years and will enter the tournament ranked 10th in the Division III pool of the tournament.  

Men’s hockey eliminated in first round of ECAC Tournament after loss to RPI

(03/07/22 7:10am)

The men’s hockey team played a best-of-three series this weekend against sixth-seeded Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the first round of the ECAC Tournament. Dartmouth won the first game of the series, but lost back-to-back heartbreakers on Saturday and Sunday to end the season for the Big Green.

Truckers and protesters gather in Lebanon to protest COVID-19 measures

(03/04/22 10:00am)

On Wednesday morning, a convoy of pickup trucks, fuel trucks and a logging truck gathered in Lebanon to protest COVID-19 restrictions, among other causes — American, Canadian and Gadsden flags in tow. The convoy is part of the American “People’s Convoy” heading toward Washington D.C., modeled after the mid-January “Freedom Convoy 2022” protest against vaccine mandates in Canada.

Men’s basketball’s tournament hopes squashed despite 84-70 win over Penn

(03/04/22 7:00am)

On Saturday, Dartmouth’s men’s basketball team took on the University of Pennsylvania for its senior night at home in the Big Green’s penultimate game of the season. Heading into the game, Dartmouth needed to win in order to keep its hopes of an Ivy League tournament berth alive. The Big Green did just that, defeating Penn 84-70. However, Princeton University’s win over Harvard University on Sunday erased Dartmouth’s chances of making the Ivy League tournament.

Applications designed by students seek to simplify D-Plan selection and storing Dartmouth contact information

(03/03/22 10:00am)

This term, two new apps have been created by or with the help of students: a new D-Plan app and a Dartmouth Directory app. The D-Plan application in DartHub was created by the Registrar in partnership with the Information, Technology and Consulting office and the student-run DALI Lab, while Jordan Mann ’25 created the new iOS Dartmouth Directory app. 

Review: Season Two of ‘Euphoria’ Excels with Phenomenal Acting, Cinematography and Music

(03/03/22 7:00am)

“Euphoria” seduces its viewers with an absurd portrayal of high school. There is something intoxicating about watching these characters ruin their lives, a total inability to look away as their world burns around them while you snack on the couch. Episodes fluctuate between campy teen drama and somber character explorations, each desperately trying to raise the stakes by increasing shock with explicit content. 

Orgo Woes: Student Withdrawals from Organic Chemistry

(03/02/22 7:10am)

Many chemistry majors and aspiring doctors hear the words “organic chemistry” and shudder. The completion of CHEM 51 and CHEM 52, “Organic Chemistry,” is a rite of passage for these students — if they can make it through the courses without ruining either their sanity or their GPA, that is. The classes are notorious for their difficulty and recently have been characterized by an especially high number of student withdrawals.

Editors' Note

(03/02/22 7:00am)

Well, looks like we spoke too soon! Spring has, indeed, not sprung here in Hanover, as evidenced by this week’s heavy snow squall. Leave it to the unpredictable New England weather to keep us on our toes. But there is something almost encouraging about a late-winter snowstorm — something that screams, “You haven’t seen the last of me yet!” Maybe it’s the nostalgic senior in us that has us deriving meaning from meteorological terms we only just learned of (seriously, what even is a snow squall?), or maybe we’re onto something. 

From Woes to Websites: The History of Layup List

(03/02/22 7:05am)

In the days leading up to course selection, the traffic to the student-run course review website called Layup List spikes several hundredfold. A repository of student generated wisdom and warnings that spans all the way back to the early 2000s, the website itself is a simple interface that allows students to search for particular classes and see reviews written by their peers, while also giving students the option to rate a course’s difficulty and quality via a rating system. Courses with the lowest rated difficulty earn the right to be called a “layup.”

Wordle Me This: How Can a Mini-Game Build Community?

(03/02/22 7:20am)

No matter what I’m doing, when the clock strikes midnight, I drop everything and open up the day’s Wordle. The premise of the online word game is simple: A player has six tries to guess one five letter word, which changes every day. After each guess, the player learns how close their word was to the answer, and they can use that information to guide their next attempt. 

Women’s History Month: Remembering Dartmouth’s Coeds

(03/02/22 7:24am)

On November 22, 1971, the front page of The Dartmouth was dominated by four decisive words: “DARTMOUTH TO ADMIT WOMEN.” Although Dartmouth was far from the first institution to admit women — all of the other Ivy League schools had already made the switch — this landmark decision marked a sharp break in the College’s long history as a men’s school and shook the foundations of what many knew as “dear old Dartmouth.”

Catholic Students Look Forward to Ash Wednesday

(03/02/22 7:15am)

Once a year, students and faculty alike take off their beanies and caps and appear sporting a different kind of headwear: a dark, ashy cross smeared on their foreheads. While those who do not celebrate may think that these individuals are part of some kind of strange cult, they are observing Ash Wednesday, an important marker for the beginning of a reflective time for Christians and Catholics. 

College plans wide-scale dormitory renovations

(03/01/22 10:10am)

In their Feb. 21 decision to pause further development of the proposed Lyme Road apartments until May, College faculty cited the project’s potential impact on the “undergraduate experience.” College administrators in favor of the proposal, on the other hand, believe the apartments could be utilized as a “swing space” to house students as current residential facilities undergo renovations.