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Alsheikh: We Need Asian American Space

(10/19/23 2:42pm)

Tucked away in the back of Robinson Hall is the Pan-Asian Community room, a small space filled with art, books and memorabilia celebrating Asian and Asian American student life at Dartmouth. Serving a whole continent and countless diasporas on campus, the space is one of the only areas on campus dedicated to Asian Americans and the Pan-Asian community and is a focal point for Asian American student life at the College.

Moyse: Dartmouth’s Dirty Endowment Secrets

(10/19/23 8:10am)

The most recent publicly available information about the size of Dartmouth’s endowment puts the value of the school’s savings at almost double the GDP of Liberia at nearly eight billion dollars. If the College suddenly decided to split its total endowment value and divide it equally among each of its enrolled undergraduate population, every student would receive approximately 1.8 million dollars. 

Weekly Student Government Senate meeting discusses textbook accessibility, emergency safety

(10/19/23 9:00am)

On Oct. 15, the Dartmouth Student Government Senate met for its fifth weekly meeting of fall term. Led by student body president Jessica Chiriboga ’24, the Senate discussed updates on increasing accessibility to textbooks for students, emergency planning communications and increasing support for student groups.

Jackson: Black Greek Life Matters

(10/19/23 8:05am)

It’s no secret that Greek life is a major part of Dartmouth’s culture. From the chaos of rush to the frat ban, Dartmouth’s Greek system remains highly visible. Despite this, one part of Greek life, the historically Black fraternities and sororities — better known as the “Divine 9” or the “D9” as popularized by writer Lawrence Ross — are shockingly absent from most, if not all, discussion of Greek life at Dartmouth. Due to a variety of factors, these proud pillars of Black collegiate life can go unfairly underappreciated on campus, even as Greek life as a whole remains a point of focus. Considering their history, vibrancy and importance, they should be just as visible and beloved as any other Greek letter organization. With the efforts of the College, other Greek organizations and the student body as a whole, there can be a future where Black Greek life is given the same visibility and respect as any other organization on campus.

Researchers develop new model to determine cause behind dinosaur extinction

(10/19/23 9:05am)

On Sept. 28, Alex Cox GR and earth sciences professor C. Brenhin Keller published a new model to computationally determine the factors that led to the extinction of dinosaurs. According to Cox, their study, which was published in “Science,” suggests that a volcanic eruption contributed to the Cretaceous-Paleogene event or K-Pg event, names for the dinosaur extinction incident.

Pan-Asian Community Room found in ‘disarray’ between summer and fall term

(10/19/23 9:10am)

On Aug. 28, between summer and fall term, members of the Pan-Asian Community Lin Lin ’26 and Lance Paul Sunga ’26 discovered the PAC Room in “disarray” and said they believe it may have been vandalized. According to Lin, the room, which is located on the first floor of Robinson Hall, had “trash everywhere,” with Sunga adding that several personal items were stolen and broken.

Q&A with Geisel Director, Researcher and Professor Dr. Amber Barnato

(10/18/23 6:10am)

Amber Barnato is the director of Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice and a physician health services researcher with a focus on end-of-life decision making. She currently leads a team of researchers that have been awarded a $16.2 million grant from the National Institute on Aging. The five-year renewal grant will allow Barnato and her team to continue researching inequities in healthcare for adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia-related diseases. The team’s study includes four key projects, including Barnato’s research project, which focuses on the regional policies of home and community-based services for adults with dementia. 

Editors' Note

(10/18/23 6:00am)

Through a friend of a friend, I somehow received an invitation to a neighborhood apple-picking and cider-making event this weekend. As an outsider, I felt nervous to intrude on this community event. Yet, my intrigue won over my anxiety. I decided to tag along with my friend, in the hopes of returning to campus with a delicious jug of hand-pressed cider (pressed by my own hands, of course). 

Behind the Stage: Spotlight on the Programming Board

(10/18/23 6:05am)

Every spring, students crowd on Gold Coast Lawn, humidity and all, to see the headlining act for Green Key Weekend. The excitement on campus is so infectious that some even skip classes to get the weekend started just a little sooner. Though Green Key has other events that make the weekend big — activities in Collis Center, free food trucks and performances by student bands— the Friday night concert is definitely the highlight. Green Key, and other events throughout the year, are organized by the Programming Board, a student-run organization that works to create inclusive social and entertainment events on campus, according to their website.

A Culture of Climate Apathy?

(10/18/23 6:25am)

I often hear phrases like “Dartmouth doesn’t recycle” and “the heating plant burns bunker oil” repeated around campus. The first time I heard them, I accepted them at face value, in part because of general pessimistic attitudes towards Dartmouth administration, but also because of the College’s history of lackluster climate action. Believing them only strengthened my pessimism about Dartmouth’s potential for change. The reality of Dartmouth’s sustainability progress is much more complicated, but it feels easy to believe the single, simple story of institutional letdown. 

Reflection: A Rush Perspective A Year Removed

(10/18/23 6:15am)

Fraternity rush season has at last come and gone. You didn’t have to look too hard to watch it unfold: One could have noted the sudden uptake in carefully crafted texts to upperclassmen, messages that are eager to show interest but certainly not too eager. Or you could have taken a look at Foco. Normally devoid of upperclassmen (no longer shackled by the inconveniences of the Ivy Unlimited meal plan), dark side was flooded with unexpected pairings of brothers and aspiring brothers alike for the past month. Chuckles were more nervous than usual, and perhaps the senior brother who had given up on a career in comedy found his hopes reignited by the easy laughs his charm generated among the ’26s.