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Election Week Blues: Students Reflect on Politics, Classes and Community

(11/11/20 7:15am)

During election week, many Dartmouth students struggled to cope with an extended period of uncertainty. As they waited for ballots to slowly trickle in, students also had to manage the stress that comes with week eight of fall term. Some relied on friends and avoided social media to manage anxiety, while others found comfort in staying informed on vote counts. And while some students are hopeful about the future, others remain worried.

Editors' Note

(11/11/20 7:00am)

This past weekend, the nation breathed a sigh of relief. Even if the election results didn’t satisfy everyone, at least the process was over. After long days and longer nights of refreshing electoral maps, tracking vote counts and listening to news anchors drone on in the background, Dartmouth students could finally turn back to our studies and buckle down for the final weeks of the term. In many cases, we cracked open our textbooks after popping champagne, satisfied that our campaigning efforts had paid off.

Harrison: Supreme Imbalance

(11/10/20 7:00am)

We are in uncharted territory. With the recent confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, Americans are living with the most conservative court since 1950. Never before has each one of the Supreme Court’s sitting justices been so closely affiliated with the party of the president who appointed them. All Americans, regardless of party, should know that the kind of partisanship that has infected the Supreme Court offers a terminal prognosis. And if the U.S. Senate — or the next president — does not act to reform the Supreme Court in nonpartisan ways, the American people can rest assured that the U.S. will be at the mercy of a decidedly political Supreme Court. 

Students confront housing shortage, high living costs in Upper Valley

(11/10/20 7:05am)

A regional housing shortage in the Upper Valley and the resulting high cost of living has posed an array of challenges for students in search of off-campus housing. In recent months, the College has placed a limit on the number of students allowed in dorms due to COVID-19 concerns, which has further increased demand for housing off campus.

Professors weigh in on Biden victory, bipartisanship post-Trump

(11/10/20 7:10am)

After four years of twists and turns in the White House, President Donald Trump will be replaced in January by a far more traditional administration. According to Dartmouth government, economics and public policy professors, former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory bodes well for the durability of American institutions, but the president-elect may face serious governance challenges with a divided government. 

Dickman: Decriminalize Dorm Socialization

(11/10/20 7:30am)

This fall has seen an unknown number of students, many of them ’24s, sent home for violating the College’s COVID-19 restrictions — most commonly, it seems, the limit on the number of students allowed in dorm rooms. Several students have testified to their experiences, recounting that their floors have been almost entirely cleared of people — some all at once, and some over the course of the term. The College’s rules on gathering limits leave ’24s between a rock and a hard place: To obey the strict rules, students must sacrifice their social and mental well-being. Amid this dilemma, it is clear that the students are not failing the administration — the administration is failing its students.

Arrington: Big Money Threatens Democracy

(11/10/20 7:15am)

During election season, we love to talk about democracy. Between walking around Dartmouth’s campus and scrolling through Instagram, I have seen countless phrases such as “Make your voice heard” and “One person, one vote.” But how much impact do ordinary American citizens actually have on policy after we exercise that right to vote? Apparently, not much.

Levy: Stop and Smell the Biden-Harris Roses

(11/09/20 7:00am)

This year’s presidential election was fraught with fear — fear that partisan hostilities would collapse into full-on riots and violence, fear that President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine American democracy and values would succeed, and most of all, fear that we would be stuck with another four years of Trump’s immorality, incompetence and idiocy. As a result, media coverage leading up to the election and throughout the ballot counting was largely cynical. 

Review: Clipping’s ‘Visions of Bodies Being Burned’ offers terrifying narrative of America’s societal problems

(11/09/20 7:05am)

For the better part of the decade, experimental hip-hop group Clipping — stylized as clipping. — has played a pivotal role in the revitalization of horrorcore. Consisting of rapper Daveed Diggs — known for his role as Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in the 2015 Broadway hit “Hamilton” — and producers William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes, Clipping prides themselves on taking elements of horror films and transforming them into musical form. The trio’s name perfectly encapsulates their production style, as harsh, industrial noises overlay unnerving, spine-tingling screams and discord. 

Students and community members celebrate, stage calls to action post-election

(11/09/20 7:20am)

Following President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory on Saturday, events on campus and the Green reflected both celebration and urgency. Progressive activist groups hoped to warn the Dartmouth community not to become complacent following the Democratic win, and to instead continue fighting for progressive causes like the reallocation of police funds and action against climate change.

Indigenous Fashion Showcase celebrates modern Indigenous fashion

(11/09/20 7:00am)

On Friday, students strutted down the virtual runway in the College’s second annual Indigenous Fashion Showcase — an event celebrating Indigenous culture and creative expression across Dartmouth’s Native American community. This year’s showcase featured guest emcee Geo Neptune ’10, a Two-Spirit basketweaver and drag performer from the Passamaquoddy tribe who recently became Maine’s first openly transgender elected official.

Q&A: Allie Levy ’11 on running Hanover’s Still North Books & Bar

(11/09/20 7:00am)

After graduating from Dartmouth, Allie Levy ’11 had two dreams. The first was that she would pursue a career aligning with her English major, potentially in bookselling. The second was that she might one day come back to Hanover. Last winter, Levy fulfilled both. She had a soft opening for the Main Street bookstore Still North Books & Bar on Dec. 19 of last year. The space is airy, calming and filled with a diverse collection of books that Levy hopes both students and Upper Valley residents can enjoy. 

Former Dartmouth hockey players prepare for professional level

(11/06/20 6:45am)

Four former Dartmouth hockey players have spent their fall terms preparing to join professional hockey programs when the competitive season begins. Drew O’Connor ’22 signed with the Pittsburgh Penguins in March, Will Graber ’20 signed with the American Hockey League’s Hershey Bears following the 2020 season and two of Graber’s classmates — Cam Strong ’20 and Adrian Clark ’20 — signed with clubs in the ECHL.