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Review: 'The Laundromat' a disjointed, lackluster chronicle

(11/05/19 7:00am)

Wealth can create vicious cycles. The more money a person earns, the more scared they become of losing it, and, as such, they resort to extreme measures to protect their money. The scandal of the Panama Papers — the leaked documents exposing the offshore businesses of many wealthy individuals, of which some were shell companies used for the illegal purposes of fraud and tax evasion — details such extreme measures, making for an unbelievable chronicle that is the premise for “The Laundromat.” 

Senior society tapping dates set, unrecognized groups pose issues

(11/05/19 7:05am)

Each year during the winter and spring terms, some members of the junior class are tapped by Dartmouth’s senior societies — groups that nearly all remain secret until most members reveal themselves at graduation. Tapping dates have been set for Feb. 11 to Feb. 15 for the winter term and April 7 to 11 in the spring, according to Office of Greek Life director Brian Joyce. However, the tapping dates set by the Office of Greek Life can be complicated by the operations of unrecognized senior societies at the College. 

Adelberg: Free the Libra

(11/05/19 7:10am)

When a technology entrepreneur presents a high-profile plan to the House Financial Services Committee to provide low-cost access to financial markets and payments services to billions of people without bank accounts, most people would applaud him as a 21st-century hero. But Mark Zuckerberg is no ordinary tech entrepreneur — he has earned a bad reputation as the monopolist who oversaw egregious violations of user privacy. 

Allard: The Summer My Mom Turned Libertarian

(11/05/19 7:14am)

When I was little, I asked my mom what makes Democrats different from Republicans. She tried to figure out how to explain the difference in 10-year-old-friendly terms. My mother’s response, not entirely tongue-in-cheek, was that “Republicans are motivated by self-interest, and Democrats are concerned about what’s good for others.” The differences as I learned them were not political; they were moral.

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