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Timothy Burdick ’89 MED’01 appointed Outdoor Programs Office director

(07/06/18 6:25am)

Timothy Burdick ’89 MED’01 has been named as the new director of the Outdoor Programs Office at Dartmouth College. Burdick will assume the role on August 1, replacing OPO acting director and associate dean for student life Eric Ramsey. Burdick is the first permanent appointment to this role since Dan Nelson retired in November 2017.

Over 700 gather on Green to protest Trump administration's immigration policies

(07/01/18 4:02pm)

Joining protestors across the country on Saturday, a crowd of approximately 700 Upper Valley community members gathered on the Green to demonstrate against the Trump administration’s immigration policies, which have resulted in the separation and detention of families at the U.S. border. The Hanover protest, organized by Democrats of the Town of Hanover and sponsored by the Dartmouth College Democrats, was a part of the nationwide “Families Belong Together” protests organized by MoveOn, the American Civil Liberties Union and Women’s March, among other groups.

Editor's Note

(06/29/18 6:15am)

X: two slanted lines. They can represent a destination, a meeting place, a crossing, a refusal. At Dartmouth, we use X to describe sophomore summer, lending the letter added significance. And this week, X takes on one more meaning: the theme of the term’s first issue of Mirror.

Cook: Not Your House System

(06/29/18 6:25am)

“I’m really glad we’re in South House,” a friend said in passing during Orientation last fall. “The black scarves match everything.” As excited as we were to discover that our randomly-assigned free accessories would match nearly everything in our wardrobes, the color of those scarves were the only real thing we knew about the House Communities into which we had been thrust.

Omrod: From A Frustrated Female '19

(06/29/18 6:20am)

When I visited Dartmouth in the summer of 2014, I walked around the campus and thought to myself, “This is it.” This was heaven. This was what college should look like. Everyone appeared to be happy and safe, basking in the sun and smiling on their way to classes during their sophomore summer. I did not know what hid behind the faces of some of the coiffed young men around me. Passing them on the Green, I did not know the potential some of them had to hurt. I did not know the potential some of them had to rape.

New interim Dean of College appointed

(06/29/18 6:50am)

On June 14, the College announced that South House professor and sociology department chair Kathryn Lively will serve as interim Dean of the College beginning July 1. She replaces current Dean of the College Rebecca Biron, who announced that she would step down from her position and return to teaching and researching in March. Lively will hold the position for one year until the College finds a permanent candidate.

Through the Looking Glass: Crossing the Other X

(06/29/18 6:10am)

In the strange bubble of New Hampshire where “flitz,” “S.W.U.G.” and “facetimey” are used in everyday conversation, it is not surprising that the theory of “the X” has cemented itself in Dartmouth culture. Students seem to latch on to ideas and phrases that separate them from the outside world, more firmly solidifying and celebrating how quirky and different they are. The X is a rumor describing social power throughout one’s time at Dartmouth. It theorizes that freshman girls arrive on campus with peak social status and appeal, and then they gradually lose this appeal and become less desirable throughout their time at Dartmouth. In contrast, freshman boys are thought to begin their time at Dartmouth at their lowest social point, slowly gaining prominence on campus as they navigate college, and finally graduating at their peak. The term is used jokingly for the most part, chastising girls for descending along the X too quickly when they show up to parties in sweats and t-shirts or nodding knowingly when freshman girls flock not to their floormates or lab partners, but to the senior boys on campus. The X is denounced, promoted and questioned, but no one seems to take it too seriously. The interesting part of the X, however, lies in a more basic assumption it makes: that throughout students’ time at Dartmouth, there will come a moment when they cross over from one side of life to another.

The Accidental Fan: Fight! Fight! Fight!

(06/29/18 6:40am)

I’ve heard lots of complaints about how hard hockey is to follow due to its fast pace. But that is exactly what makes it fun to watch. I am a fan of Boston teams, so my favorite hockey team is naturally the Boston Bruins. Recently, I went with a friend to a Bruins game. It was his first one, so throughout the evening he asked me numerous questions about the fast-paced game. I don’t think I gave him a single satisfactory answer by the standards of a true hockey fanatic, and yet we still had a fantastic time cheering the Bruins on to victory.

Dartmouth football has high expectations for Class of 2022

(06/29/18 6:35am)

Dartmouth football recently announced its Class of 2022, with 29 student-athletes slated to join the team. The recruits hail from 16 different states, with five representing Florida alone. The class features a variety of new talent headlined by the welcoming of Jake Allen ’22, a transfer quarterback from the University of Florida, as well as John Paul Flores ’22, whose older brother Jacob Flores ’16 was a member of the Green Bay Packer’s practice squad in 2016.

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' surpasses predecessor

(06/29/18 6:30am)

“Jurassic World” is a lousy film barely kept afloat by a marginally entertaining screenplay. Its sequel, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” is a wonderfully creative film occasionally hampered by a subpar screenplay. The fact that the screenplay for the second film is superior to that of its predecessor says quite a lot about the monumental difference in quality between the two.

X Marks the Spot: Treasure at Rauner

(06/29/18 6:00am)

If there were a treasure map of Dartmouth College, then the X would certainly mark the spot of Rauner Library — a treasure trove with historical riches abound. Rauner Library boasts not only well-known collections such as William Shakespeare’s First Folio or a first edition of “The Book of Mormon,” but also holds a plethora of ancient manuscripts, artifacts, visuals and first-edition books.

The history of sophomore summer

(06/29/18 6:05am)

Sophomore summer holds a spell-like fascination in the minds of Dartmouth students. When talking about the upcoming term with my peers, many of them voiced not only excitement, but also trepidation that the summer would end too quickly, and the thing all of us have been looking forward to for so long would suddenly be finished. Dartmouth students have heard so much about the traditions surrounding sophomore summer that most of them look forward to it long before the term is even close to beginning. However, while sophomore summer has existed in its basic form for many years, it has evolved with each class that experiences it.