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The College on the (Northeastern) Hill

(09/13/17 6:30am)

When I first came to Dartmouth, I encountered the typical unknowns: what I wanted to study, how to schedule a meeting with my dean, how to do my laundry, how to order pasta at Collis. But I also found myself confused by unspoken rules that most of my peers seemed to have understood since birth. I didn’t know that some people said “the South” with a sour taste in their mouths. I didn’t know that “ma’am’s” and “sirs,” which slip from my lips without thought, are often considered antiquated and unusual rather than expected and polite. I didn’t know that I was supposed to be impressed when I heard the name “Choate.”

Native Identities: Cards, Culture and Community

(09/13/17 6:25am)

Dartmouth’s 1769 charter created a college “for the education and instruction of Youth of the Indian Tribes in this Land ... and also of English Youth and any others.” It would be many years before the college actually recommitted itself to that mission by trying to make up for historical lack of opportunities in higher education for indigenous people.

A Nugget in Time

(09/13/17 6:20am)

Upon arriving to Dartmouth, many students worry about how to survive in “The Middle of Nowhere, USA” — or, as we more commonly refer to it, the town of Hanover. This quaint New Hampshire town may lack the fast food chains, reasonably priced hair salons and reliable cell service that larger cities offer, but one piece of civilization that Hanover proudly showcases is its movie theater.

College evaluates future of golf course

(09/13/17 8:00am)

College officials are “evaluating the operation of the course and considering options for the future” as part of an institutional effort to redirect about $20 million from administrative costs to the “core academic mission,” according to an email statement to The Dartmouth from College spokesperson Diana Lawrence. However, she added that the College “[does] not currently have plans to sell the underlying property. Any changes to property ownership at the College occur after substantial consultation and would consider the long-term value of the property to the College.”

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