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Unmasking Psychopathology: Q&A with Professor Janine Scheiner

(11/01/17 6:15am)

Janine Scheiner is a psychology professor currently teaching Psychology 52.01, “Developmental Psychopathology,” a course that introduces childhood psychopathology from a developmental perspective. Since 1989, she has worked as a clinical psychologist, conducting psychological assessments and providing consultants for families. This week, the Mirror interviewed Scheiner to unmask the sociopathic and psychopathic condition.

Editors' Note

(11/01/17 6:05am)

Happy Week 8, Mirror readers! This week, your esteemed editors arrived at Robinson Hall fully prepared for Halloween celebrations. Annette, May and Lauren thought long and hard about what they wanted to dress up as this year, when photo editor Tiffany realized that the answer had been staring them in the face all term long: intrepid EIC Ray Lu ’18. Tiffany quickly set to finding the most embarrassing photo of Ray available on the internet (it was his portrait for his “First Team” column back during sophomore summer) and blowing it up so big on Microsoft Word that she had to hide behind the column in KAF to avoid public ridicule. At 12:04 p.m., May sent a text to Tiffany asking her whereabouts, only to receive the following response: “I’ll be at KAF in 15. I’m printing out Ray.” Tiffany proceeded to cut out the large copies of Ray’s head and tape them onto Popsicle sticks to create makeshift masks, while Lauren, Annette and May harassed the collective three Sig Eps that they know for house gear. (May, ingenious as she is, decided to tape a paper sign that read “Doucheland” on her shirt to mimic Ray’s Deutschland jersey.)

Dartmouth team visits tech symposium

(10/31/17 6:00am)

A Dartmouth team presented four prototypes, including a modular smartphone and a calendar-linked smart ring at the 30th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium. The forum, which took place in Quebec City from Oct. 22 to 25, was a chance for researchers to show off their innovations in human-computer interfaces and featured over 400 teams, each presenting their own research topics, according to General Chair of the conference Krzystof Gajos.

Design firm assesses College Park for potential construction

(10/31/17 6:15am)

On Oct. 19, architects from Sasaki Associates, a firm based in Watertown, Massachusetts, led an informational presentation for students regarding the potential construction of dorms in College Park, a 35-acre open space near the center of campus. College Park is home to College landmarks such as Bartlett Tower, a bronze statue of Robert Frost and the Bema, an outdoor amphitheater used each year for class day and a candlelit twilight ceremony which ends Orientation each year.

Doctor sues Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

(10/31/17 6:10am)

Obstetrician-gynecologist and former Geisel School of Medicine professor Misty Blanchette Porter Med ’89 is suing Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, claiming she was fired from her position because of her disability and whistleblowing actions alleging poor practices at the hospital. Blanchette Porter lost her job in June after DHMC’s Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility program closed, though she alleges that she could have worked elsewhere at DHMC. Blanchette Porter filed a complaint on Oct. 11 against her former employer of over 20 years in the U.S. District Court of Vermont.

Men's and women's soccer split weekend at Harvard University

(10/31/17 4:00am)

Dartmouth soccer had another split weekend, with both men’s and women’s teams facing off against Harvard University on the road. The women suffered a difficult loss in double overtime, falling 2-1 on the road on Saturday. Later that evening, the men won their game in dramatic fashion, with co-captain Matt Danilack ’18 scoring a game-winning goal in the final minute off a bicycle kick to lift the Big Green 1-0 over the Crimson.

‘It's Criminal’ documentary features Dartmouth English class

(10/31/17 4:10am)

While other courses at the College build students up, English 53.04 breaks them down — and in that way it acts as a catalyst for real change. The course “Telling Stories for Social Change,” taught by English professor Ivy Schweitzer and women’s, gender and sexuality studies professor Pati Hernández, pushes students out of a traditional method of learning by memorizing theory into understanding through experience. 

‘Battle of the Sexes’ proves to be more than just a sports movie

(10/31/17 4:05am)

In last week’s review of “The Snowman,” I encouraged readers to skip that dreadfully dull film and instead watch “Battle of the Sexes.” As it happens, I saw the two films over a week ago, and the contrast could not have been greater. When I walked out of “The Snowman,” my head was reeling with confusion. When I walked out of “Battle of the Sexes,” I felt buoyed, eager to return home and research the real-life story that had inspired the film. This is one of the year’s best films and the more I think about it, the fonder I grow — which is significant considering I was already fond of it when I walked out of the Nugget Theater.