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Song Analysis: “Hanover Girls” by the NH Love Song Warriors

(11/12/16 6:04pm)

When I found this song, it had 3 views on YouTube, and I have probably (unashamedly) contributed more than half of the current views it now has. It was written by the NH Love Song Warriors, a group that sings of the lovely ladies of Hanover, as well as the women of various New Hampshire and Massachusetts towns and cities.

Hanover votes Democrat by widest margin in last 44 years

(11/11/16 6:21am)

In the 2016 presidential election, the margin of victory for Hillary Clinton in the town of Hanover was 72.9 percentage points (84.9 percent voted for Clinton, 12 percent for Donald Trump). The two-party Democratic vote margin in Hanover represents the largest victory for a Democratic candidate in at the very least the last 12 elections dating back to 1972. The next closest victory as large came in 2008, when Hanover residents voted for Barack Obama 64 percentage points more than they did for John McCain.

Taylor named North Park House professor

(11/11/16 6:15am)

Earlier this month, the College announced that Native American studies professor Melanie Benson Taylor will serve as the North Park House professor beginning in the winter term. She will replace Dean of the College Rebecca Biron, who in turn replaced biology professor Ryan Calsbeek after he stepped down from the position earlier this term. Taylor, who serves as chair of her department, specializes in Native American literature and will teach a course on the subject this spring. She earned her doctorate and masters degree from Boston University and completed her bachelor’s degree at Smith College. Together with her husband Alan Taylor, who serves as a lecturer in writing, and their two-year old son, she will move into a home on North Park street next month to be closer to her students.

Students admit to causing Morton fire in online petition

(11/11/16 5:25am)

Sebastian Lim and Daniel Ro admitted to causing the Oct. 1 fire in Morton Hall in an online petition on the Care2 petition site. In the letter, titled “Change Our Lives,” Ro and Lim apologized for their actions and asked people to sign the petition in support as the two have been expelled from the College for posing “a threat to the community at large.”

Szuhaj: The Aftermath

(11/11/16 5:15am)

I’m writing this article on Wednesday, Nov. 9, and let me just say that I don’t want to write it. I’m tired, bitter. Part of me is deeply saddened that I must pen these words. Another part of me is stunned. Another part frightened. Another numb. But this isn’t about me — this is about an election result that would have been the punch line of a joke just six months ago. This is about coping with a result that is at best surprising and at worst terrifying, depending on who you ask. This is about President-elect Donald Trump, and how we should respond.

Students of 'Telling Stories for Social Change' perform with patients at Valley Vista

(11/11/16 5:00am)

This past Thursday and Friday, a 40-person audience visited the brightly-lit cafeteria of Valley Vista, a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Bradford, Vermont. Women undergoing treatment in the center covered the room in motivational cardboard posters in preparation for “The Cleansing Tears of Our Temporary Yesterday,” a performance put on by both Dartmouth students and women recovering from addiction.