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Bach: Declawing the Tiger

(08/18/16 10:00pm)

Let us set aside our misgivings about stereotypes for a moment and consider the archetypal Asian family. Labels for Asian parents, ranging from tiger mothers to kyoiku mamas, all describe the same authoritarian strictness. As the widespread perception goes, most Asian parents relentlessly drive an agenda of academic and extracurricular excellence for their children in hopes of setting them up for future success. By necessity, more creative endeavors are routinely shunned in favor of more time to study or practice a new instrument, and social development takes a back seat in the quest for higher SAT scores and Ivy League diplomas.

Home and Away: NBA stars’ participation in the Olympics

(08/18/16 10:00pm)

Each week Vikram Bodas ’18 and Sam Forstner ’18 will tackle a controversial issue in the sports world. Much like home field in baseball, each week one of the writers will take their stance first (“away”), allowing the other to respond with an argument of their own (“home”). This week they will be debating each other as to the participation of elite professional basketball players in the Olympics.

Abbey D’Agostino ’14 and Dartmouth Olympians wrap up Rio

(08/18/16 10:00pm)

Abbey D’Agostino ’14 made national headlines this past Tuesday after tripping over fallen New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin in the preliminary round of the women’s 5,000-meter race and helping her back up. D’Agostino and Hamblin finished the race and were advanced to the final by default, but D’Agostino was forced to withdraw from competition with a torn ACL and meniscus. D’Agostino finished the last mile of the race despite her injuries.