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College begins offering packaged Kosher meals

(09/13/16 3:51am)

In response to Orthodox Jewish students’ request for Orthodox-certified kosher food, the Courtyard Café at the Hopkins Center and Novack Café began to provide pre-packaged kosher meals from Vermont Kosher this past week. Since a petition for Orthodox-certified kosher food circulated last fall, with 726 supporters as of press time, a working group consisting of students and faculty members developed a report and recommendation that was accepted by the administration at the end of the summer.

Zagster bike rental service begins on campus

(09/13/16 3:43am)

As of this past Wednesday, students can now rent one of 50 seven-gear cruiser bikes around campus. The bikes, provided by Zagster, will be available at eight different stations — located near Channing Cox Hall in the River Cluster, the Tuck School of Business, the Class of 1953 Commons, the Hopkins Center, Baker-Berry Library, Remsen Medical Sciences Building, Leverone Field House and Sachem Village.

One on One with Olympian Abbey D'Agostino '14

(09/09/16 5:47am)

Abbey D’Agostino ’14 is the most decorated Ivy League athlete in history. At Dartmouth, D’Agostino was a seven-time National Champion, a 16-time Ivy League Champion, a 12-time All-American and a 15-time Regional/National Award winner. D’Agostino is sponsored by New Balance and participated in the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where she was awarded the 2016 Rio Fair Play Award for her headline-making actions in the 5,000-meter race with Nikki Hamblin.

Bach: Common Sense

(09/09/16 3:13am)

The 2016 Senior Survey reveals a wide disapproval with the administration’s responsiveness to student concerns: 75 percent of its respondents stated they are either “generally dissatisfied” or “very dissatisfied.” I have no doubt that a dozen hands in Parkhurst reached up to scratch their heads at this news, mystified by the poor reception to their munificence. I am just as certain that they shrugged it off as a mere fluke of statistics, so convinced of their own righteousness that they refused to accept the word of lowly students. What they failed to understand then, and still fail to understand now, is the bitter frustration that fuels these numbers.

Szuhaj: The Pros of Long-Distance

(09/09/16 3:26am)

Don’t get me wrong. Long-distance relationships have a lot of drawbacks. The lack of physical proximity, the financial strain of seeing each other and the enormous amount of trust required can and often do challenge the health of long-distance relationships. But, if done right, the relationship itself can pose a redemptive challenge that strengthens both the individual and the couple as a whole. Hear me out.

Sharma: Let Your Voice Be Heard

(09/09/16 3:25am)

Last year, I found myself overwhelmed by much of the information thrown at first-years during our first week on campus. From Ben & Jerry’s with College President Phil Hanlon to the discussion on our summer reading book, the orientation schedule was jam-packed with programming before classes started. On top of this academic transition, college is a significant social change. During Orientation, the Dartmouth campus buds off into schmobs, large groups of freshmen — some with little in common other than the activity they met at — walking from one activity to another.