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Baker tower sees first renovations complete in time for Homecoming

(10/27/16 4:50am)

After being wrapped up in a scrim for most of the fall term, Baker Bell Tower — one of the College’s most iconic buildings — has been uncovered from its full-size photograph facade. Its first-ever renovation is complete just in time for Homecoming Weekend. According to Facilities Operations and Management program manager Patrick O’Hern, the entire restoration cost approximately $5.5 million.

Opinion Asks

(10/27/16 4:15am)

Yale University’s program covers for the 100th Yale-Dartmouth football game have received intense criticism for portraying Dartmouth’s former mascot, the Indian. Do you think the public backlash has been too much, just right or not enough? How should we reconcile accurate representation of history with perpetuating racism and other social issues?

Big Green to play tough matches over Homecoming weekend

(10/27/16 4:15am)

In addition to freshmen running around the bonfire, this upcoming weekend will present several thrilling athletic matchups that show off Dartmouth’s intense Ivy League rivalries. Beyond celebrating alumni returning to campus, Homecoming is also a time to showcase Big Green pride, both new and ageless, across the College’s many athletic disciplines. Here are some of the games to attend this weekend and the histories behind the matchups.

NARP Meets World: Lesson #2 - Forming an Identity

(10/27/16 4:15am)

It has been almost three weeks since the release of the best thing ever to happen to Dartmouth College after the opening of Hanover’s third consecutive Thai restaurant: NARP Meets World. Each week, I effortlessly tap into my inflated ego and weave together a string of absurd self-assertions about my prowess. The best part about this is that even though nothing about my character lends a shred of evidence for such proclamations, you guys love it. In this fast-paced, 10-week hellhole we call home, the only consistency is my column. With each article, you seek refuge from the toxic academic environment of the Lone Pine through NARP Meets World, living vicariously through the grandiose tales I reliably produce on a weekly basis. But it’s time to wake up. NARP Meets World is nothing more than Gatsby’s green light beyond the docks, a nebulous fantasy of social mobility I mercilessly constructed out of nothingness to provide you all with a few moments of ignorant bliss. Nothing about this column is real. I just wish I could say this is as bad as it gets.

Alumna Q&A: children’s novelist, playwright Tara Dairman ’01

(10/27/16 4:00am)

Tara Dairman ’01 is a novelist and playwright whose children’s books have inspired praise, awards and even fan recipes based off the food in her books. Her debut novel “All Four Stars,” which stars the 11-year old food critic Gladys, was recognized as an Amazon Best Book of the Month and a Mighty Girl Top Book of the Year in 2014; its two sequels have also been received enthusiastically by reviewers and readers. Dairman’s plays have been professionally produced, and, as a creative writing major at Dartmouth, she won the Eleanor Frost Playwriting Contest.