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Students stage a protest in solidarity with Missouri and Yale, drawing both support and controversy

(11/13/15 4:15am)

Chants of “We shall overcome” and “Black Lives Matter” echoed through the Green yesterday evening as more than 150 students, faculty, staff and community members dressed in black, walked from Novack Café to Dartmouth Hall in a demonstration of solidarity with the black communities at University of Missouri and Yale University and the larger Black Lives Matter movement.

Counselors express concern over admissions coalition

(11/13/15 4:04am)

In late September, the College announced that it would join the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, which has prompted mixed responses from college counseling offices across the country. The Coalition offers a platform that will serve as an alternative to the Common App by allowing students to create a digital portfolio over the course of their high school experience.

Verbum Ultimum: The Stakes of Speech

(11/13/15 3:54am)

Last night, hundreds of students stood outside Dartmouth Hall and chanted, “Black Lives Matter” in unison. These students marched around campus, imploring others to join them. At times, the demonstrating students singled out individuals — individuals who, they said, were failing to support their movement and their lives. Some were offended by this method.

Fall Style Watch

(11/13/15 12:43am)

On a grimy fall morning, my hood pulled up and combat boots strapped on tight, I maneuvered through the sea of grey and black. Maybe it was due to the exhausting drainage of week nine or the fact that the foggy atmosphere was drizzling raindrops — and of course, some were participating in a demonstration that called for their dark clothing — but the entire student body seemed to have come down with a faint, sleepy syndrome. The campus no longer emulated the peak foliage from just a few weeks back; rather, college students scurried from door to door in neutral tones like ghosts.

Just SWUG-ing Around

(11/13/15 12:38am)

Netflix. Moscato. Chocolate. Pajamas. Cozy, cozy bed. These are the words that come to mind when describing the typical SWUG. While Dartmouth’s vision of a SWUG — a “senior washed-up girl” — may not jive well with the “party hard, don’t care” vision of SWUGs at many other colleges, it might just be better in the long Hanover winters.

Buzzed and Confused

(11/13/15 12:37am)

It’s often said that Dartmouth has a drinking problem. Yet alcohol is not always the guilty party. Many students limit their consumption of beer, wine and liquor to a few nights a week, but another drug is a part of their daily routines. And unlike alcohol, it’s socially acceptable before noon — we’re talking about caffeine.

A Final Nightmare

(11/13/15 12:37am)

It’s the end of week nine. The leaves are gone and the cold is here to stay. The sun will not appear for another six months. We all know what time it is. Finals! Campus stress levels will soon skyrocket. The 1902 Room will smell of sleeplessness and fear. The stacks will become an eight-story panic room. Freshman will use their notes as tissues. But are finals really that bad? We may be bumped and bruised, but we make it through them time and time again. We Yik Yak and Snapchat our woes, but we make finals much worse than they are. Inspired by Dave Doyle’s “Ultimate Final Exam,” this is what we make our finals out to be like when we’re worrying.

Editors' Note

(11/13/15 12:35am)

On March 29, 2013, The Mirror published Maggie and Maddie’s first joint article, “Sharing Like Wildfire.” They were pumped. When they saw the article, however, they barely recognized it. Maddie highlighted the parts of the article that Maddie and Maggie had actually turned in, and all that was yellow were some statistics and direct quotes. To quote the article, “During spring break, the selection of a new Pope was simplified down for worldwide consumption to a succinct #whitesmoke.” Maddie and Maggie were “v” confused. They had absolutely no clue what this meant (was the pope caught smoking??) and had to google it to seem half as witty as the article made them out to be.

Simineri: Expanding Language Programs

(11/13/15 12:35am)

For all the criticisms launched against our school recently, foreign language study is one area in which the College excels. Perhaps it is because of drill, the professors’ teaching styles, the language study abroad offerings or some combination of all of these. Whatever it is, I have never progressed so quickly and confidently in a foreign language than I have at Dartmouth, and I know many students who feel similarly. Still, the inflexibility of some of the College’s language programs is severely limiting. Administrators should strive to make foreign language study more flexible so that more students can access this experience that I so cherish.