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Danilack scores late to keep men’s soccer undefeated in Ivy play

(10/19/15 10:30pm)

The Dartmouth men’s soccer team (7-3-1, 3-0 Ivy) extended its win streak to five games this past weekend against the University of Pennsylvania Quakers (2-8-1, 1-2 Ivy) with a 1-0 victory. Captain Stefan Cleveland ’16 recorded his sixth shutout of the season, and the Big Green outshot its opponent 27-10.

“Vedute” show explores Canaletto’s etchings of Venice

(10/19/15 10:07pm)

Some of the details are so minute that the Hood Museum provides magnifying glasses so that visitors can see them all as they are transported to mid-18th century Venice, from the well-known sites such as the Grand Canal to imaginary landscapes. The Hood Museum’s exhibition “Canaletto’s ‘Vedute’ Prints” captures the complete collection of etchings created by Italian landscape artist and “grand master painter” Giovanni Canal, better known as “Canaletto.”

Regina Yan: The Girl on Crutches

(10/19/15 12:27pm)

While most of us beamed with accomplishment after running 19 laps around the Homecoming bonfire, there was one exceptional champion of the night — Regina Yan ’19. Yan ran a whopping 119 laps… on crutches. Dubbed “Crutches Girl,” she captured the heart of onlookers with her determination and strength as she swung her way through ash and mud. Yan tore her MCL while playing bubble ball soccer at the BEMA, which put her on crutches in the first place — she noted the false sense of security from running around in inflatable balls. As a competitive figure skater, she has also torn her MCL in sports-related injuries in the past.

FoCo Joe: Baked Apples

(10/19/15 11:51am)

In case you live under a rock, fall is here. The streets are adorned with multicolored leaves, and Instagrams are radiating pure autumnal bliss. I kid you not, I have seen at least three captions riffing on the phrase “the apple of my eye.” Unfortunately, no amount of emoji creativity makes that pun original. But some basic treats, like baked apples, do deserve copious amounts of affection. Likes on my @focojoe Instagram will do… How do you like them apples in FoCo? I am honestly wishy-washy. I find that the best apples out here are usually the red ones, but I am such a granny smith guy. Even on Rosh Hashanah, when apples and honey are delightedly consumed to honor the start of a sweet new year on the Jewish lunar calendar, I prefer the green ones. Despite this, most baked apples recipes call for a variation of a red apple, and I should be eating more red apples. This recipe is also a solid way to make the most out of softer apples. This dessert requires a moderate amount of labor, but the return of investment is disproportionately higher! Trust me.

10 Stages of a Freshman's First Night Out

(10/19/15 10:35am)

To the chagrin and dismay of many upperclassmen, the six-week ban on freshmen entering fraternity basements will finally be lifted today. As we cherish these last few nights of tranquility before basements are infiltrated by eager schmobs, rolling our eyes as we hear them discuss “Pi U” and “ZAE” (but repressing our secret jealousy that they still see frats as a novelty), freshmen are anticipating their first official entrance into Dartmouth’s Greek scene. Whether you’re wildly excited, terrified or even indifferent, it will indisputably be a unique and (hopefully) memorable experience. Here’s a sample of what your night might entail:

College will launch online loan profile to increase transparency to student loan recipients

(10/18/15 11:27pm)

As national concern mounts over the amount of student loan debt faced by recent college graduates, student loan offices are not frequently applauded for their transparency. But with transparency in mind, the financial aid office will launch an online loan profile on Bannerstudent this coming week where students can view their loans and projected repayment, financial aid director Dino Koff said.

Dartmouth blows out Central Connecticut State University 34-7 to remain undefeated

(10/18/15 10:50pm)

Playing in its final out-of-conference game, the football team extended its undefeated streak to five and achieved its strongest start to a season since 1997 at Central Connecticut State University on Saturday. While not playing to its greatest capacity, the Big Green (5-0, 2-0 Ivy) built a lead early and pulled away late en route to a 34-7 victory over the Blue Devils (2-5), marking only the fourth time since adopting a 10-game schedule in 1980 that Dartmouth swept through its non-conference slate in a season.

Beechert: Bursting the Dartmouth Bubble

(10/18/15 10:30pm)

One of Dartmouth’s greatest strengths is its sense of community. When compared to its peer institutions, many of which are located in urban environments, the College can rightly claim to have cultivated a particularly cohesive environment and a strong sense of campus identity. This is owed, in large part, to location. Without the possibility of disappearing into a large city to seek out food or entertainment, students are forced to make use of what the Dartmouth campus and the town of Hanover have to offer. Running into your peers over and over again, in the same restaurants, stores and social spaces, invariably leads to some sense of familiarity. This can be comforting, particularly for first-years who are thrust into an entirely new environment, and Dartmouth should — and does — use this fact as a selling point when appealing to prospective students.

Alston: Style Without Substance

(10/18/15 10:30pm)

Politicians are frequently criticized for caring about little except themselves and their narrow cadres of supporters. Republicans in particular are often accused of being especially so, with the GOP frequently characterized as a party of navel-gazing white males. The Oct. 13 CNN Democratic debate and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley’s recent campaign stop at the College, however, revealed that the Democratic candidates, too, are primarily focused on social issues of great importance to their own party, rather than the issue a huge plurality of voters consistently identify as the most important — the economy. With regards to economics, Democratic presidential candidates offer empty rhetoric consisting of appealing-sounding platitudes about making the wealthy pay “their fair share” and recipes for damaging states and individuals who — probably not coincidentally — do not vote Democratic.