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Goldstein: Ethical Artificial Intelligence

(11/01/15 11:30pm)

Self-driving cars are fast becoming a reality. While the safety ramifications of these cars are generally considered positive because of the unpredictable irrationality of human driving, there are moral questions about their potential actions. What if the car was confronted with the choice between killing five pedestrians or ramming into a wall, saving the five but killing its passenger? A recent paper published in the science journal arXiv deals with this topic — similar to the trolley problem that poses the more passive killing of five against the active killing of one — concluding that manufacturers and psychologists will have to collaborate on instituting proper guidelines for the cars’ actions in such a scenario. If this conclusion sounds unsatisfactory, it’s because it is. It gives us no insight into what the car should do if confronted with this choice.

Men’s basketball beats Keiser University in exhibition

(11/01/15 11:30pm)

After beginning practices in early October, the basketball team hosted an exhibition match against Keiser University on Oct. 29, and with a final score of 81-51, the Big Green dominated the game. In the demolition, four Dartmouth players scored in double figures, with Guilien Smith ’19 leading the way with 14 points on 5-for-11 shooting.

Szuhaj: The Benefits of Prize Hunting

(11/01/15 11:30pm)

In response to the outpouring of grief and anger over the killing of Cecil the lion in August, American Airlines announced it would no longer transport the bodies of large-game animals as cargo. While the nearly 400,000 petitioners who had put pressure on the airline giant to halt its practices of trophy transport hailed this decision as a victory, many conservationist-hunting groups — those who advocate for selectively hunting certain endangered species — felt differently.

Glee Club brought Mozart’s “Requiem Mass” to life

(11/01/15 11:09pm)

The Dartmouth College Glee Club partnered with a guest orchestra and four outside soloists to bring the program “Monumental Mozart” to life on Sunday. They performed excerpts from “The Magic Flute” (1791) and “Requiem Mass in D Minor” (1791), as well as works by Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff and an original composition by co-president Brian Chalif ’16.

Verbum Ultimum: Talent Follows Money

(10/30/15 2:11pm)

Last week, dean of graduate studies Jon Kull announced a plan for an independent School of Graduate and Advanced Studies. According to Kull, the school would have more autonomy over budgeting decisions than it presently does. Kull also said that an independent school would improve faculty recruitment and retention. Of all arguments in support of this plan, this one holds the most promise. The College is, of course, nothing without its faculty.

7 Spooky Bangers and Monster Mash-Ups

(10/30/15 11:37am)

Halloween songs are like horror movies. There are some great ones, some okay ones and some that are so bad it’s scaaaary. With so many options out there, you may be overwhelmed by choices as you assemble a playlist for your Halloween party. I’ve assembled a few songs with a spooky vibe that aren’t so mainstream (I’m a Halloween hipster) that you might want to listen to during your party.

Center for Professional Development hosts alumni-student mixer, roundtable

(10/30/15 12:33am)

Last Thursday Dartmouth’s Center for Professional Development hosted two alumni-student events — a career conversation and a social. Alumni interviewed for this story expressed satisfaction with the event, though some suggested informing students about the alumni attendants would have improved the overall experience for students.