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Committee considers alcohol policy changes

(09/25/14 11:12pm)

The “Moving Dartmouth Forward” presidential steering committee will likely propose amendments to alcohol policy as part of its recommendations to reduce harmful behaviors at the College. The committee’s research follows changes in alcohol policy at peer institutions, including approaches that ban hard alcohol, prohibit drinking games and encourage open doors at social gatherings in residence halls.

Handbook clarifies marijuana policy

(09/25/14 10:57pm)

Though New Hampshire has legalized medical marijuana, use at Dartmouth is still prohibited. The College is constrained by federal regulations that classify any use of the drug as illegal — regulations that if broken could mean a loss of federal funding, including grants and financial aid. As a result, Dick’s House and Student Accessibility Services assist students who have been prescribed the drug to find alternative treatments or off-campus housing.

Hanover implements road changes to boost pedestrian, cyclist safety

(09/25/14 10:50pm)

Bicycle advisory lanes, or “suggestion lanes,” were implemented last week on Valley Road, parallel to East Wheelock street and within walking distance of the Green. The road has been painted with a 10-foot wide vehicle lane down the middle and two 5-foot lanes on either side suggested for pedestrians and cyclists.

Guns, Germs and Steel: How to survive disasters at Dartmouth

(09/25/14 10:42pm)

The Baker Tower clock rang eight times on the morning of February 18, 1904. As campus began to come alive and students awoke, a fire broke out in Dartmouth Hall. Clouds of smoke billowed from the building as students raced to the scene amid sounds of ringing alarms. Water supplies for the volunteer fire department were low, and crowds stood idly by in sub-zero temperatures and watched as the iconic building burned to the ground. Less than two hours later, nothing was left but a pile of ashes and two window frames.

Editor's Note

(09/25/14 10:30pm)

I don’t know about all of you, but these first few weeks have been some of the most jam-packed and stressful of my Dartmouth career. Navigating difficult classes, handling hours worth of auditions and finally poring over my resume and cover letter as though they represented the only possible ways for me to have a successful and fulfilling future have taken pretty much over all of my time. I’ve received countless Snapchats of friends in 3FB in the wee hours, either cramming for quizzes after the multi-hour tedious rush process or researching consulting groups to add the perfect sentence to their already over-edited cover letters.

What's Cooking?

(09/25/14 10:28pm)

Remember your freshman dorm kitchen? Most likely crusty, unused and stocked with the food of terrifying upperclassmen who would toss a blasé (most likely off campus, which, as a sophomore, I am still embarrassingly in awe of ) dish in the refrigerator for maybe weeks, but no one would have the nerve to walk to the side of their hall to say anything? Although I can’t necessarily complain coming from the McLaughlin cluster (for the ’18s — the dorm of Ill Fayze anthem fame), I too experienced this phenomenon of having a seemingly arbitrary and useless room in the middle of my floor. Once a floormate, a sweet football player from Tulsa, Oklahoma, decided to treat us to mac and cheese with the help of the kitchen. When we smelled burning noodles and peered in upon the soggy, fluorescent mess in front of us, we were greeted with a good natured “you’re supposed to use half-and-half in Easy Mac, right?” After that, I limited my usage of the kitchen to hot water and heating up Collis leftovers.

Fridays with Marian

(09/25/14 10:25pm)

As graduation looms closer, I need as much guidance as possible. Forget academic advisors and CDP — I’ve recently discovered that the sage wisdom provided through astrology is the way to go. Here’s what the New York Post’s “Postrology” section had to say to me and all the other Cancers out there: “The choices you make over the next few days will have a major impact on your social or professional reputation, so make them wisely. Above all don’t let other people rush you into cutting corners or cutting back on essentials. Do it right.”

Boots and Rallies

(09/25/14 10:24pm)

“Son of a Gun” is a Dartmouth drinking song that’s managed to survive into the 21st century through the repertoires of a cappella groups and oddball enthusiasts. It’s also a favorite of mine, primarily because it’s basically a song about beer, which, along with my girlfriend and “Seinfeld,” constitute the only three things that give my wretched life any meaning. “Son of a Gun” is a joyful panegyric on fun and festivity — “Let every honest fellooooow / Drink his glass of hearty cheeeeeer! / For I’m a student of old Dartmouth and a son of a gun for beer!”

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