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Project to repurpose rail corridor

(11/05/14 1:24am)

For the past two decades, the town of Lebanon has wanted to turn unused railroad tracks into a multi-use trail for cyclists, joggers, dogwalkers and cross-country skiers alike. The project, called the Mascoma River Greenway, will be a four-mile pathway connecting Lebanon and West Lebanon that will cost around $2.3 million and should be completed by the end of 2016.

McDavid: Democratic Decisions

(11/05/14 1:23am)

In the midst of the heated Greek life debate, one question remains largely unaddressed. Who, ultimately, will make these decisions? Who has the authority to decide monumental issues like the abolition of Greek life? Dartmouth, like most colleges, relies on the members of its Board of Trustees to make consequential decisions. Given their enormous influence on College policy, the method by which trustees are elected to the Board should be made more democratic.

Blair and Ghazal: Vote Today

(11/04/14 12:36am)

A recent “Trending @ Dartmouth” feature in The Mirror asked which type of midterms inspire greater student apathy: academic or political. We appreciate the pun, but realistically, the answer is almost certainly political. Dartmouth students put ample energy into their academic responsibilities, extracurricular pursuits and interpersonal relationships, often leaving little time for political engagement — not even voting. In 2010, only roughly one in five eligible New Hampshire voters under the age of 29 exercised their right to vote. As the president of Dartmouth College Democrats and vice president of Dartmouth College Republicans, we urge students to avoid replicating this statistic by both voting today and encouraging others to do so.