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Parillo: A Tale of Two Toxins

(11/05/13 8:02pm)

I’m not on campus this term, but I still like to keep up with things by reading The Dartmouth each morning. Although the news I read is at times encouraging, dismaying or boring, rarely is it as utterly baffling as this gem, tucked away at the end of a recent article on high attendance at Collis After Dark programs: “Collis After Dark will host a relaxation night in Collis Common Ground on Saturday, with massages, an oxygen bar and tea tasting.”

Rothfeld: Institutions, Not Individuals

(11/05/13 7:59pm)

In a recent article, Jezebel columnist Kate Dries reported on a troubling phenomenon: the lengthening list of female celebrities who eschew the feminist label. Dries argues that iconic figures like Taylor Swift, Bjork and Lady Gaga refuse to sign off on the feminist agenda, citing their fondness for men as a prime deterrent. As Dries pointed out, such justifications miss the point of feminism by a mile.