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(10/01/12 2:00am)

Daniel Barnz's new film presents the inspirational tale of two women insistent on repairing a damaged educational system and improving students' lives. "Won't Back Down" follows Jamie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and Nona (Viola Davis), two mothers on their quest to reinvigorate their children's' failing inner-city school. However, a corrupt and uncompromising bureaucracy headed by the president of the teacher's union (Holly Hunter), and the school's principal (Bill Nunn) hinders their efforts. The film was inspired by the true circumstances surrounding the use of the parent trigger law in Los Angeles in 2010, with which parents could legally petition under-performing public schools to institute an administrative and staffing overhaul. Luke Katler

Montshire opens new multimedia plant exhibit ‘sLowlife'

(10/01/12 2:00am)

The "sLowlife" exhibit is the product of collaborative efforts by the United States Botanic Garden, the Chicago Botanic Garden and Indiana University biology professor Roger Hangarter. The multi-sensory exhibit aims to challenge our perceptions of the natural world around us. Montshire exhibit director Bob Raiselis said that people tend to think of plants as being stationary, when in fact most plants are in near constant though incredibly slow motion. Plants angle themselves differently according to the location of the nearest light source so as to maximize their exposure, according to Raiselis.

Daily Debriefing

(10/01/12 2:00am)

Phi Tau coeducational fraternity hosted a memorial service for member Stephanie Pignatiello '12, who died this summer, on Sunday afternoon at the Top of the Hop. A campus-wide email from the organization encouraged the College community to contribute photographs, poetry or other memorabilia for inclusion in a collage and to share stories aloud during the public service. Pignatiello committed suicide on in her off-campus home in Hanover on July 26.

E.E. Just event connects students with scientists

(10/01/12 2:00am)

Renowned scientists introduced topics including dark energy and cancer treatments to attendees at the inaugural E. E. Just Symposium, which took place between Thursday and Saturday. The symposium activities brought 25 minority high school students and scientific experts together to discuss interdisciplinary scientific concepts, according to physics and astronomy professor and E. E. Just Program chair Stephon Alexander.

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