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Alston: You Don't Have to Buy Local

(11/13/12 4:00am)

It's become something of a fad to advocate for the exclusive purchase of local goods when possible. It's easy to see why this idea is popular people naturally favor things that are close to home. Economically, this idea appears to make a lot of sense, as well, because if local businesses receive your money rather than national or foreign businesses, the local business owners will in turn spend their money locally. Friends and family living nearby benefit from the increased economic livelihood everyone's a winner, except for the multinational business whose products you refused. It's even good for the environment, many supporters say.

Wheeler: Obama's Folly

(11/13/12 4:00am)

This past Tuesday, Barack Obama was reelected as the president of the United States. His triumph was met with great enthusiasm on college campuses across the nation. My Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds were quickly flooded with celebratory statuses as Sarner Underground "resonated with chants of four more years'" ("Barack Obama reelected as president of the United States," Nov. 7). Yet as my closest friends let out squeals of excitement as we watched news source after news source call the election, I found myself unable to share their enthusiasm. I wasn't so proud to call this man my president.

Hunter: Moving Beyond a Petition

(11/13/12 4:00am)

On Saturday afternoon, a petition entitled, "Administration of Dartmouth College: Build feminist consciousness at the College in order to end the perpetration and normalization of sexual violence" began to circulate around Facebook and via email. Students from the Women's and Gender Studies 80 class that created the petition posted links to the site, asking fellow friends and students to sign and share it ("Daily Debriefing," Nov. 12). While any effort to eradicate the pervasive nature of sexual assault on Dartmouth's campus is admirable, the petition furthers an ineffective and troubling assumption about how students regard sexual assault at this college. This issue is twofold: The petition offers false logical assertions while also demanding changes that do not adequately get to the heart of the problems underlying sexual assault.

Now Playing in Hanover: Flight

(11/12/12 4:00am)

Directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Denzel Washington, the action-filled drama "Flight" (2012) follows the story of airline pilot Whip Whitaker, who miraculously saves a plane from crashing and killing its passengers. However, once an investigation begins into the malfunctions of the plane, troubling news surfaces that Whip had been drinking and using drugs during the flight and could be held accountable for the accident. Whip is then forced to come to terms with his addiction, revealing just how difficult the road to recovery can be for addicts. "Flight" also stars Don Cheadle and John Goodman. Laura Sim