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Sheikh-Hassan: Dangerous Myths of Exceptionalism

(11/13/12 4:00am)

This column is meant to address the concerns of "IndependentVoice" an anonymous commenter on The Dartmouth's article covering the bias incident last week who requested that someone discuss why this election has caused the phrase "f-ck white people" to trend on Twitter ("Incident Team reacts to bigoted vandalism," Nov. 9). I wanted to inform this commenter that "f-ck," "stupid," "socialist," "n-gger" and "RIP America" were also recently trending during this election cycle. In fact, these phrases were so popular that many different sites have compiled them and have even geo-mapped their distribution across the country. Unsurprisingly, the greatest concentration of racist tweets were from the South and Midwest. But also unsurprisingly, a large number also came from places smattered across the Northeast and California. What does this prove beyond the fact that there are racists everywhere? Only that contrary to popular belief, there are racists here, too.

Digital musics showcase students' work in advanced sound

(11/13/12 4:00am)

The projects, which are the culminating experience of the past term's work, represent many of the new compositional possibilities allowed by advancements in sound technology, according to graduate student David Rector, whose work will be displayed in the exhibit. The exhibits are displayed throughout the gallery, which is in the garage space of the Hopkins Center, inviting viewers to walk around and trigger the various sculptures' motion-sensor sounds.

Daily Debriefing

(11/13/12 4:00am)

Parsons the New School for Design announced that it will reopen its Paris program in the fall of 2013, The New York Times reported. In 2010, the French program changed its name to the Paris College of Art after its relationship with the New York campus ended. The new campus, which will be located on Rue Saint-Roch and called the Parsons Paris School of Art and Design, will teach between 300 and 500 students. The program plans to offer degrees in art, fashion, design and business, and students who start at the Paris campus will have the option of transferring to the New York, Shanghai or Mumbai campuses. Executive Dean of Parsons Joel Towers said that students from across Europe will be allowed to enroll in short-term professional development and online courses, for which they could receive Parsons credit, according to The Times.

Agani details Kosovo's health reform

(11/13/12 4:00am)

In Kosovo, a post-war country facing widespread poverty and a population reeling from 10 years of oppression, Minister of Health Ferid Agani has been at the forefront of instituting mental health reform. Agani spoke to Dartmouth undergraduates and graduate students about the circumstances of the Kosovar people, his efforts to create a mental health care system and the obstacles he has faced in a Monday afternoon lecture in the Haldeman Center.

Trustees discuss finances, student life

(11/13/12 4:00am)

Members of the College's Board of Trustees met with senior administrators to discuss finances and student affairs during their termly meeting on Friday and Saturday, according to Director of Media Relations for the College Justin Anderson. The weekend's meeting featured a presentation on the current state of the College by Interim College President Carol Folt, a discussion regarding new harm reduction initiatives with Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson and a luncheon with current students and recent graduates.

College delays public report of strategic plans

(11/13/12 4:00am)

In an attempt to better integrate feedback and synchronize the strategic planning process with the presidential search, the College has postponed public announcement of proposed strategic planning initiatives until Spring term, Interim College President Carol Folt said in a Nov. 6 email to College faculty and staff. The announcement's release was originally scheduled for this month.

‘Good Kid, M.A.A.D City' tells story of Compton, Calif.

(11/13/12 4:00am)

A good friend of mine recommended that I listen to American hip-hop artist Kendrick Lamar, who he said reminded him of Frank Ocean, "but better." Lamar's major label debut album "Good Kid, M.A.A.D City," which was released on Oct. 23, displays some similarities to Ocean's summer release "Channel Orange" with its strong focus on storytelling, but it's also extremely innovative in its nostalgic style. Lamar brings listeners into his world: Compton, Calif.

Vann Island

(11/13/12 4:00am)

Saturday was the last time I strapped on my pads, buckled my chinstrap and laced up my cleats for the Big Green. Yes, we have one final game at Princeton University this week, but I will most likely be in sweats, as I'm not usually active for road games due to the NCAA player limit.