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Rosey Jekes to close in December

(10/31/12 3:00am)

Rosey Jekes opened in 1977 as a means for the couple to share their unique clothing designs with Hanover residents and visitors, Kenny Fabrikant said. The business' name was inspired by the Fabrikants' love of roses and the combination of the first two letters of each of their names. The couple also owns the basement cafe beneath the store whose goods range from coffee to paninis on artisan breads.

Beechert: Abolish the Electoral College

(10/31/12 3:00am)

In the final weeks of the presidential race, it has become a daily ritual for the various news agencies to report the most recent national presidential polls as a part of their major coverage. While it may be fun to hyperventilate over the latest revelation that the margin separating Mitt Romney and Barack Obama has shifted by half a point, the tracking of national polls is essentially a useless exercise. Thanks to the outdated and anti-democratic Electoral College, the presidential race will instead hinge on how a small handful of states vote in November.

Erdrich returns to Dakota Indian reservation in new novel

(10/31/12 3:00am)

Set on a reservation in North Dakota, the 13-year-old protagonist and son of a reservation judge, Joe Coutts, sees his innocent childhood come to an end when his mother Geraldine comes home from an errand bloody and mutely terrified. The plot slowly unfolds as Joe's mother, the victim of a brutal rape and attempted double murder, takes to her bed and refuses to identify her attacker, who is assumed to be white.

Equestrian team looks to knock off UNH this weekend

(10/31/12 3:00am)

Coming off of second place finishes at its past three competitions, the Dartmouth equestrian team is preparing for back-to-back competitions this weekend despite practice setbacks due to the stormy weather caused by Hurricane Sandy. On Saturday, the team will compete at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H., before heading to Boxford, Mass., for a competition at Endicott College on Sunday.

Titus Andronicus releases new album ‘Local Business'

(10/30/12 3:00am)

While you're not likely to hear many of Titus Andronicus' songs on Top-40 radio stations, the band is a rising star in the indie-rock world. Their last album, "The Monitor," was an ambitious concept album, wrapping a narrative of the Civil War and conflicted feelings about the band's home state of New Jersey in a layer of catchy, propulsive punk rock.