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College ranks 77th in NSF report on funding

(10/13/10 2:00am)

Although Dartmouth placed 77th among national institutions in a recent National Science Foundation report on federal research spending, the College would likely place higher in surveys that consider statistics that account for an institution's size and type like research dollars per faculty member according to faculty and staff members interviewed by The Dartmouth.

'14s at the Fair

(10/13/10 2:00am)

Last month, I had the pleasure of attending one of the most superficial, elitist events I've ever been to the Employer Connections Fair. A gathering of many firms from Wall Street, Silicon Valley and elsewhere, the fair attracted numerous recent Ivy League graduates and future Fairfield County residents hoping to recruit some of Dartmouth's brightest into their companies.

Hour of Contempt

(10/13/10 2:00am)

I have only seen "Jersey Shore" a couple of times, and on every occasion I was immediately bored and nauseated, and found myself wishing I was elsewhere. (The moon would not be far enough.) But the "characters"/real people on "The Shore" were not what nauseated me such grotesques populate the fringes of every conscious person's existence and one ought to treat them kindly, as a rule. What nauseated me was the fact that the viewing public was probably, on the whole, watching the show in order to have bemused contempt for idiots. If Orwell's "1984" had the "Five Minutes of Hate," we can be rightly said to possess our own "Hour of Snickering Contempt."