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VERBUM ULTIMUM: Failure to Launch

(12/01/10 4:00am)

In announcing the Dean of the College's "update" on the issues of alcohol and sexual assault, acting Dean Sylvia Spears said the presentation would include "new campus initiatives" and "specific programmatic initiatives" intended to combat these serious problems facing students at the College. Instead, the meager audience saw little more than recycled, vague proposals built on faint evidence of work and a significant helping of meaningless jargon.

Film prof. teaches animation as art

(12/01/10 4:00am)

Furlong is one of seven students completing their final projects for an introductory animation class taught by recently-appointed film professor Jodie Mack. The half-production, half-theory course which introduces students to different animation techniques will hold a screening of the students' final work on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Loew Theater. The students began by learning hand-draw animation and completing a project in abstraction and motion, Mack said. They also experimented with rotoscoping a technique in which animators trace over live-action footage and animation with various materials, such as cut-out shapes, clay, sand and paint on glass.

Daily Debriefing

(11/30/10 4:00am)

A recent study released by the University of Colorado at Boulder found that the "gender gap" between male and female physics students indicated by higher rates of participation and success in introductory physics courses among male students can be reduced by a short writing exercise that focuses on "affirming" female students' values, Inside Higher Ed reported. The study found that the gender gap originates from differences in preparation before college and psychological factors stemming from the stereotype that men are expected to do better in physics than do women, according to AScribe newswire. Research showed that the writing tasks, which ask participants to write about values most important to them, "buffer [women] from other threats," because women who believed in the gender stereotype obtained higher grades after completing the writing exercise.

College plans new advising system

(11/30/10 4:00am)

In response to student feedback and administrators' observations, the College plans to implement a new student advising structure in Fall term 2011 that will centralize undergraduate advising services in one location, according to College officials. The offices may be located in Baker-Berry Library once the area currently housing the computer store is restructured, College President Jim Yong Kim said in an interview with The Dartmouth Editorial Board.

AS SEEN ON: "Sopranos" + Middle Earth = "Game of Thrones"

(11/30/10 4:00am)

Showrunner David Benioff has called called the show "The Sopranos' in Middle Earth." But even though the series takes place in a fantasy world with its own geography, nations and languages much like J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle Earth don't expect any magic, elves or orcs. Assuming "Game of Thrones" stays true to its source, it will be a series about humanity at its worst more "Braveheart" than "Lord of the Rings."

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