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Daily Debriefing

(11/21/08 9:42am)

Tennessee State University and Hampton University have blocked the web site from campus web servers, the Chronicle of Higher Education reported Thursday. The site allows users to anonymously post messages about peers and other campus-related topics, and messages often malign students' sexual behavior, sexual orientation and character, according to the Chronicle. Though Tennessee State has never before blocked a web site, Michael Freeman, vice president for student affairs at the university, told The Chronicle that in "a post-Virginia Tech environment," universities need to be more careful. Matt Ivester, the founder of JuicyCampus, responded by comparing Tennessee State's action to China's censorship of its online networks, according to the Chronicle, and said that the university was infringing on students' right to free speech. Dartmouth is one of over 500 colleges and universities with discussion forums on the web site, although the site has no official affiliations with any of the schools.

Goodwin looks at adoption in U.S.

(11/21/08 9:41am)

The market-based adoption system in the United States is unfair to parents and children because it places monetary value on a child's race and class, according to Michele Goodwin, a professor at the University of Minnesota who spoke to a room of over 50 people in the Rockefeller Center Thursday. Goodwin, a professor at the university's law, public health and medical schools, is an expert on ethical and legal issues involving the human body.

Tempest Williams lectures on beauty, global conflict

(11/21/08 9:40am)

Between learning how to make mosaics in Italy, protecting prairie dogs in Utah and constructing a genocide memorial in Rwanda, Terry Tempest Williams said her journey to "Find Beauty in a Broken World" -- the title of her most recent book -- has led her to discover that even when the world seems to be in pieces, there is always hope to combine the fragments into a complete "mosaic," at her speech Thursday to a full audience in Cook Auditorium.

Kim explores Asian mental health

(11/21/08 9:38am)

The Asian American community is seeing a growing trend mental health issues relating to depression and academic pressures -- an exacerbated by a cultural adversity to seeking treatment, according to Josephine Kim, a lecturer at Harvard University's Graduate School of Education and the featured guest of Thursday's Pan Asian Community Dinner. The event, "Breaking the Silence: Asian Americans and Mental Health," was hosted by the Pan Asian Council in Collis Common Ground.

Verbum Ultimum: The Anonymous Agenda

(11/21/08 9:32am)

On Nov. 9, a campus organization called The Honor Education Committee sent a mass-Blitz with the subject line "Free Donuts in Novak! [sic]," inviting students to "learn how it has become easier for you to uphold the Honor Principle with its new ANONYMOUS online reporting system!" In addition to being taken aback by the cavalier nature of the e-mail given the grave consequences that accompany Honor Principle violations at Dartmouth, we were left wondering, what, exactly, the Honor Education Committee does, what its "new" anonymous reporting feature entails, and why had we never heard of either.

Men's and women's squash to open season this weekend

(11/21/08 9:28am)

This weekend the Dartmouth men's and women's squash teams will open up their seasons at home at the Dartmouth Fall Classic when the United States Naval Academy, Bowdoin College, Connecticut College, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Wesleyan University, Tufts University, Hamilton College, Mount Holyoke College and Colby College will all visit Hanover.

Breaking Through: Financial Crisis

(11/21/08 9:28am)

I recently made a mistake while changing channels; somewhere between "Who Wants to Date my Grandmother?" and "True Life: I'm on MTV's True Life" -- I stumbled upon a Fox News briefing. What I witnessed over the next three and a half minutes was downright horrifying. "Allegedly," or at least, according to some busty blonde anchorwoman, our country is in the depths of some sort of economic crisis. Crisis, I tell you! A heavy fog of financial gloom has settled over Wall Street, and the panic of an imminent market apocalypse is creeping across the nation. Everyone is freaking the eff out.

Point: Dartmouth is Flair

(11/21/08 9:27am)

While attempting to define the word "flair," I found that Urban Dictionary is plagued with references to the cult classic "Office Space"(1999), which, according to many internet sources, first introduced the phrase "flair" into mainstream culture. Flair is, according to the film, the term used for the buttons and various paraphernalia worn (and hated) by chain restaurant employees:

Football to face Princeton in last game, looking for first win

(11/21/08 9:27am)

With the prospect of the first winless season since 1883 looming ahead, the Dartmouth football team is carrying a considerable burden as it heads to New Jersey this weekend to take on Princeton in the final game of the season. The Tigers, who currently sit in sixth place in the Ivy League, have won the past four meetings between the two teams.