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Alumni launch new suit against College

(11/25/08 8:35am)

Several Dartmouth alumni filed a lawsuit against the College last week, the second form of legal action the school has faced from its alumni in the last 14 months. The suit, filed on Nov. 18, states that the College violated an 1891 agreement to maintain parity on the Board of Trustees. The Order of Notice states that legal action has become more relevant in light of Dartmouth's current presidential search.

Short Answer: HEC Web Site

(11/25/08 8:31am)

No system of policing is unqualifiedly effective. But the fact that a system is faulty is not a reason to reject it; it is only a reason to correct it. Implementation of the HEC site should instead hinge on need: Is the honor code violated to a degree that necessitates Stalinist measures? Until it can be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that the honor code is victim to constant violation, such an ill-conceived -- but still well-intentioned -- measure should be withheld.

Toe to Toe: Karr Vs. Schmidley (Karr)

(11/24/08 9:47am)

ny triumphs over the course of the college football season. Mid majors have played with the big boys (Boise State, the University of Utah, BYU); Texas Tech rose to prominence on the heels of Graham Harrell and fell at the hands of the old guard, the University of Oklahoma; a lowly team from Indiana named Ball State has gone undefeated; and the University of Alabama has made a convincing return to the glory of seasons past. All are noteworthy achievements. All deserve both cookies and small parades, without doubt.

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