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College unveils new retirement incentive plan

(12/19/08 3:13am)

Dartmouth announced a new retirement incentive plan for staff members on Dec. 11 " a move that represents the College's latest attempt to address its budget shortfall in the wake of the recent financial crisis. The plan, coupled with a hiring freeze announced in November, is part of the College's strategy to reduce spending without firing employees, according to Adam Keller, vice president for finance and administration.

Daily Debriefing

(12/03/08 9:05am)

Approximately 20 percent of Americans ages 19 to 25 have a personality disorder, according to a new study that explores mental disorders in young adults, the Associated Press reported. The study, published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, also shows that fewer than 25 percent of young adults with mental problems are diagnosed and treated. These findings suggest that access to treatment and medical centers is limited for young adults with these disorders, which can include obsessive tendencies and anti-social behavior and potentially result in violent behavior, the Press reported. The study also compared the mental health of students and non-students, extensively interviewing more than 5,000 young adults between 2001 and 2002. Research showed that 8 percent were diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality disorder in both categories, suggesting little difference in the distribution of personality disorders between the two groups.

ORL denies mold problems in River halls

(12/03/08 9:03am)

There is no excess mold present in the River residence cluster, despite residents' beliefs that mold is making them ill, Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman said. The College's Office of Environmental Health and Safety took between nine and 12 samples from the basement of French Hall in response to requests from several residents, Redman said. None of the samples showed evidence of mold, he said.

SA closes term with final meeting

(12/03/08 9:03am)

Heading into Winter term, the Assembly will make recommendations to the administration regarding upcoming budget cuts at the College. In initial talks, Assembly members brought up important aspects of a Dartmouth student life that should not be adversely affected by drops in the College's spending. Assembly members have specifically emphasized the importance of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, the overall out-of-classroom undergraduate experience and College traditions, such as the three "big" weekends and other traditions. The Assembly also noted areas in which expenses could be spared, such as the extended hours of Collis Late Night and Food Court.

Seniors job search in hiring decline

(12/03/08 9:02am)

Larger companies will see the sharpest declines, reducing their employment forecasts by 9 percent. Some government employers reported hiring declines as drastic as 15 percent, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Small businesses, as well as firms in science, technology and computing industries, are expected to weather the downturn and modestly increase hiring.

Crady delays signing off on AMP approval

(12/03/08 9:00am)

Dean of the College Thomas Crady has extended the deadline for approving the proposed Alcohol Management Policy indefinitely to further assess student input. Crady originally planned to make a decision on the policy this month, but has postponed approval in order to fully understand student suggestions and gather more feedback, he said. The AMP proposal, written by a committee chaired by Dean of Residential Life Martin Redman, was drafted to replace the College's current Social Event Management Policy.