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FNR hosts pair of string-strumming indie darlings

(10/04/07 5:22am)

Friday Night Rock is known for providing a venue for fans of alternative and experimental music. They have booked bands like the obscurely-named "Menomena," "Frog Eyes," "Holy Fuck" and "The Dirty Projectors." Friday Night Rock's upcoming show, however, features artists with relatively tamer titles and presumably tamer musical styles: Denison Witmer and Marla Hansen.

Knapptime: Field hockey dishes on dating and dancing

(10/04/07 5:14am)

Welcome back, faithful followers of Knapptime. To kick off this fall, we will take a closer look into a sport which, admittedly, I once referred to as "whistle ball" due to the number of times the referee stopped play. That, however, was four years ago. And just as the Dartmouth women's field hockey team puts my small high school's team to shame, so, too, do the women of the team. Well, two of them, at least. The brave duo of Ashley Hines '09 and Kristen McCormick '09 proved themselves worthy of Knapptime fame. Either that, or they live across the hall from me in New Hamp. Whatever the case may be, Hines and McCormick are not just stellar athletes, but also classy and entertaining young women.

An Impotent U.N. and a Big Dictator

(10/04/07 4:39am)

By conventional wisdom I should have been angry as hell that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was allowed to speak at the United Nations on Sept. 26. As a New York Jew from head to toe, I should be square in the middle of the "protest demographic" that had its blood boiling at 120 degrees over the issue of Ahmadinejad's speech last week. After all, the Iranian president's repeated threats to wipe Israel off the map and assertions that the Holocaust never occurred roughly comprise the sort of comments that would normally send me spiraling into a destructive rage. A great deal of my Jewish friends from home seemed distressed about his invitation, and my brothers informed me that the Orthodox Jewish school at which we all received our formal education was to participate in a rally protesting Ahmadinejad's speech. Clearly, tempers were a' flarin'.

Daily Debriefing

(10/03/07 6:43am)

Triathlete Jarrod Shoemaker '04 earned himself a place on the U.S. team for the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the International Triathlon Union World Cup in Beijing last month, according to The Valley News. Shoemaker finished first, beating out Hunter Kemper and Andy Potts, both well-established Olympians, by 13 and 35 seconds respectively. His cross-training began at Dartmouth, going from the track to the pool to strengthen his swimming side. Shoemaker's running abilities are already well set: he won the 2002 Heptagonal Games cross-country crown, according to Dartmouth Sports. In 2005, he won the under-25 world triathlon championship in Japan, and this year he will compete at the World Cup in Greece and Cancun, The Valley News reported.

Assembly unveils revised constitution

(10/03/07 6:41am)

Last winter's impeachment effort sparked the creation of the Governance Task Force, which was responsible for recommending how to revise the constitution. The new constitution changes the rules for impeachment, now requiring a petition signed by 500 members of the student body to depose the president. Impeachment will still also require a vote by three-quarters of the General Assembly and the presentation of articles for impeachment. This change, however, does not come into effect until next year.

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