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Football Analysis: Can the Big Green keep on winning?

(10/05/07 7:15am)

After defeating Penn in a nail-biter last Saturday at Memorial Field, Big Green football is 1-0 in Ivy play for the first time in the Teevens era. I wrote last week that despite opening the season 0-2, Dartmouth football had given us plenty of reasons to be optimistic about its chances in the upcoming Ivy slate. Our boys proved me right on Saturday, showing us once again why this year's squad is a cut above Dartmouth teams of years past -- and, naturally, why this writer is a cut above other football analysts.

Daily Debriefing

(10/05/07 7:07am)

Most students who receive a bad grade move on. Brian Marquis sued. The 51-year-old University of Massachusetts at Amherst student filed a lawsuit against the college after receiving a C in a course called Problems in Social Thought, according to the Boston Globe. Marquis claims that the university infringed upon his civil and contractual rights, as well as deliberately caused him emotional distress. The teaching assistant for the class, Jeremy Cushing, graded students on a curve, therefore, Marquis's numerical 84 became a C at the TA's discretion. District Court Judge Michael A. Ponsor dismissed the suit. Marquis is thinking of appealing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

Cafe hires fewer students, still seeks to stay open late

(10/05/07 7:06am)

Frequenters of Berry Library and passersby may have noticed that Novack Cafe, their source of on-the-run snacks and late-night caffeine fixes, shortened its normal operating hours during the first week of classes. While the library dining spot cut back its hours temporarily due to a soda machine repair and planned hour reductions during interim, Beth Rosenberger, manager of Novack, Homeplate and Cafe North, said she sees no reason that the cafe will not be open consistently in the future.

Party packs suffer 'a significant cut' in College funding

(10/05/07 7:06am)

A recent move by the Undergraduate Finance Committee to nearly halve the budget for "party packs" at registered parties has left the future of the program murky. Despite the popularity of party packs, which include cases of water and free Everything But Anchovies pizza, the UFC has cut the budget of the program that supplies them from $20,000 to $11,700.

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