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Daily Debriefing

(11/30/07 8:13am)

Sylvia Spears, who was appointed this summer as director of the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, spoke to members of the Dartmouth community last night at the Pan Asian Council's Community Dinner. Spears came to Dartmouth in July and is also an associate aean of atudent life. She spoke to the assembled students about self-segregation among minorities, cultural differences between communities as a hindrance for communication and issues of sensitivity when discussing race and culture. The event was funded by the advisor to Asian and Asian American Students, the Dartmouth Asian Organization, the Council on Student Organizations, and the Collis Governing Board.

Past legal decisions haunt new alumni suit

(11/30/07 8:12am)

In 1995, a New Hampshire court threw out a lawsuit that attempted to block the College from moving forward with proposed changes to its governance system. This judicial history has come to rear its head again in the current lawsuit filed by the Association of Alumni against the College -- this time, being used in support of the Association's argument.

'I feel like death:' Your hangover is generic

(11/30/07 8:02am)

Urggghhh. Your alarm goes off. Or maybe your alarm doesn't go off, because you never made it back to your room. Maybe you wake up because the Psi U dog is licking the dried bits of Heorot foam party foam off your face. Or maybe some girl you swear you've never seen before in your life nudges you and says awkwardly, "Umm, yeah ... so ... I'm going to class ... " and by that you are pretty sure she means "... and please don't be here when I get back."

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