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'2 Days in Paris' depicts lovers as both caustic and cuddly

(10/16/07 6:54am)

"2 Days in Paris," on the other hand, is an altogether different beast. It's the story of Jack (Adam Goldberg) and Marion (Julie Delpy), a pair of star-crossed lovers who have decided to end their romantic European vacation by spending two days in Marion's native Paris. Sounds really sweet, right? Except for the fact that the romantic European vacation was spoiled by Jack's chronic diarrhea. When he wasn't locked in the bathroom, Jack was prowling the streets of Venice obsessively photo-documenting everything in sight. As Marion notes, "Instead of kissing on the gondola, Jack took 48 pictures on the gondola."

Parental Control

(10/16/07 6:53am)

I recently saw a silly article in the New York Times about a New Jersey high school English teacher who has begun requiring parents to do homework. What a weird requirement, I thought, to hold parents accountable for a small portion of their child's grade by monitoring their participation through daily blog assignments. Maybe, though, this plan is one teacher's attempt to address high school parent involvement in a way that is both satisfying to parents and effective in persuading them that their child has responsibilities all his own.

Daily Debriefing

(10/15/07 4:50am)

Five Hanover High School students lost their sports captaincies last month after allegedly stealing exams in June, according to the Valley News. Hanover High School Athletic Director Mike Jackson rescinded the captaincies after receiving a report from the Hanover Police detailing the roles the students allegedly played in the incident. Parents of the accused said that they agreed that students should be punished if they committed a crime, but that they believed the punishment has been applied unequally, as not all students involved with the incident lost their positions. Jackson defended his stance, stating that the students who retained their captaincies did not violate the law, but only committed "academic transgressions," for which there is no athletic penalty.

South Block to host local businesses

(10/15/07 4:50am)

With three properties already completed and two more remaining, the construction on Hanover's South Block is nearly finished. Dartmouth's Real Estate Office has completed the first phase of the construction, which includes the buildings for Ramuntos, Hanover Hardware, Systems & Computer Store and 12 residential apartments, and has begun the second and final phase, which focuses on Umpleby's, and 68 South Main, a large outdoor shopping complex.

Off-campus housing prices hold steady despite demand

(10/15/07 4:49am)

For many students, senior year is a time to get away from dorm life and transition into something more closely resembling the real world by living in one's own house, dealing with utilities and having a kitchen and private bathrooms. But for those planning on living off campus next year who have not already secured a place to live, it may already be too late.

Fall rush process to close Monday

(10/15/07 4:49am)

With only one more night of fall rush left, Dartmouth fraternities and sororities on Monday will close out a week of wooing and welcoming members of the sophomore class. Greek leaders say that the total number of rushees appears to have increased compared to last fall's rush, following the trend of the last few years, but finalized numbers will not be available until after Monday evening's events.

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