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Football analysis: Big Green football the favorite to finish third

(11/09/07 5:35am)

The Big Green defense forced an astounding seven turnovers, including five recovered fumbles (six forced) and two timely interceptions. Justin Cottrell '08 continued to be a dominant force at linebacker, accruing nine tackles and picking off a pass to set up one of the Big Green's first-half touchdowns.

Run, Colbert, Run!

(11/08/07 7:18am)

The worst times aren't those long nights before that paper is due, or the disappointing discovery of an empty mailbox after an arduous trek down to the Hop; for me, the worst times are those when I wake up to hear that another piece of America has died. This time, it was the South Carolina Democratic Party.

The Laurelled Sons and Daughters

(11/08/07 7:15am)

In the late 18th century, Benjamin Franklin wrote anonymous letters to his own publishing company, disguising his identity so that people would pay more attention to what he was writing than to who was writing. Adopting a similar strategy, a mysterious group of individuals have posted a series of papers across campus which describe incidents of gender injustice, signing them "the Daughters of Dartmouth." I was first formally introduced to such spokeswomen in the women's bathroom nearest to Collis. The bold writing of the poster quoted from the recent Chi Gamma Epsilon fraternity pledge T-shirts, "come as you are because running won't fix your face." I later discovered that the front of these precious items of clothing pictures a girl running, with a not-so-subtle KKG imprinted upon her buttocks. At the bottom of the poster was a witty thank you to the brothers of Chi Gam, signed with much love, "the Daughters of Dartmouth."