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Equestrian conquers Colby show, off to best start in 16 years

(10/25/06 9:00am)

Dartmouth equestrian wrapped up its weekend doubleheader in impressive form, winning on Saturday at Colby Sawyer College by one point over Mount Ida College, and finishing a close second to Mount Ida at Dartmouth's home show on Sunday. The team's strong performance this weekend moved it into first in the regional standings, displacing perennial favorite University of Vermont.

I Used to Be a Republican

(10/25/06 9:00am)

I have a confession to make. It's not something I share very regularly -- not because I'm ashamed of it, but because it requires a conversation long enough to explain the context. My confession is this: I used to be a Republican. Not a George W. Bush Republican, but a Republican nonetheless. Had I been able to vote back in 1996 and 2000, my 11- and 15-year-old selves would have voted for Bob Dole and George Bush respectively (my seven-year-old self thought that Ross Perot was really cool). I believed in "compassionate conservatism," and deep down I still do. I was happy to see Mitt Romney become my governor in 2002, but soon afterwards, I lost faith in the Grand Old Party. I couldn't tell you the exact moment, but it was sometime between the 2002 midterm elections and the Democratic Presidential primaries in early 2004.

A Dangerous Precedent

(10/25/06 9:00am)

A recent series of articles in The New York Times, entitled "In God's Name," examined the troubling relationship between religious institutions and the nations' local, state and federal governments. In particular, land use is emerging as a contentious issue as disputes are taken to court and important decisions are soon to be made regarding how far religious liberty and equal protection under the First Amendment extends.

Daily Debriefing

(10/25/06 9:00am)

Lynmar Brock, Jr. '55 Tu'56 recently published "Must Thee Fight," a novel for young adults. According to BookSurge LLC, Brock's publisher, the novel centers around the protagonist, Thomas Pratt, in the 1700s as he attempts to reconcile his pacifist Quaker upbringing with the call to arms during the Revolutionary Era. Brock himself dealt with a similar conflict in his own life as both a Quaker and an officer in the United States Navy, which he joined after graduating from Dartmouth. Brock, who is the president and CEO of Brock and Company Inc., is currently involved with a number of philanthropic and community organizations. A former director of Rotary International, Brock is a member of the Willistown Friends Meeting and the Welcome Society. He resides in Pennsylvania with his wife, Claudie, and has two sons.

Lecture discusses DMS efforts fighting TB, HIV

(10/25/06 9:00am)

Richard Waddell and Lisa Adams discussed how members of the Dartmouth community and others are helping to improve global health on Tuesday to a packed crowd in the Rockefeller Center. The pair, who are both involved with the Section of Infectious Disease and International Health at Dartmouth Medical School, focused on the collaborative efforts of DARDAR, an ongoing project that tests the efficacy of a vaccine to stop the spread of tuberculosis in people who have HIV/AIDS.

As flu season begins, 2007 free of vaccine shortages

(10/25/06 9:00am)

As part of its effort to combat the flu virus this winter, the Dartmouth College Health Service held this year's first influenza vaccination clinic Tuesday in Tindle Lounge. While the clinic was designated for faculty and staff members only, three of the four remaining sessions, to be held over the next several weeks, will offer the vaccine to students.

Bonamici strives to leave mark on campus architecture

(10/25/06 9:00am)

Most seniors spend their Fall term panicking over endless resumes while juggling theses. The sudden realization of their upcoming introduction to the real world throws most of them into a frenzy. Tom Bonamici '07, however, is a bit ahead of the game. His longtime passion for architecture has now translated itself into a studio art independent study that could end up with Bonamici truly leaving his mark on Dartmouth's campus.