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Something in 'Shopgirl' adaptation gets lost in the translation

(11/14/05 11:00am)

In Anand Tucker's "Shopgirl," Los Angeles is just another lonely, rain-swept city, illuminated by neon lights and TV-projector screens, that lives and breathes with the sounds of car horns and the muffled drone of highway traffic. It's a city we see predominantly at night, when those who have a real home, in every sense of the word, return to those homes, and when those who don't keep looking. But most of all, in "Shopgirl," Los Angeles is a place of connections made and unmade, wanted and unwanted and -- to borrow from the film's imagery -- of May-December romances that blossom like roses and fall like dogwood leaves.

Football loses a heartbreaker against Brown 24-14

(11/14/05 11:00am)

In Saturday's football game between Dartmouth and Brown, there was nothing surprising about standout running back Nick Hartigan's 193 yards and two touchdowns and the Bears picking up their Ivy-best fifth League win of the season on their home field. That the Big Green led after three quarters, however, and had the ball in its hands down just a field goal in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter probably surprised everyone not wearing a green and white uniform.

Men's Hockey Sticks It To Cornell

(11/14/05 11:00am)

It took four losses and a number of unlucky breaks for Dartmouth men's hockey to finally achieve a victory -- and what a win it was. After falling to Colgate on Friday 3-2 in a loss marked by missed opportunities and early miscues, the Big Green stormed back on Saturday to dismantle the No. 3 team in the nation 6-1 in what was certainly Dartmouth's most dominating offensive outburst in recent history.

Democratic Support for Alito

(11/14/05 11:00am)

Bush's choice of nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court is neither surprising nor outrageous. I imagine that if Clinton were to nominate a conservative, he would encounter a negative response from his Democratic supporters as well as from Republicans. An analogous course of events follows a Republican nomination of a liberal. I therefore do not think it is unreasonable that a Republican president has chosen a man who The New York Times's reporter Janny Scott describes as "conservative by temperament, upbringing and experience" ("Court Choice is Conservative by Nature, Not Ideology," Nov. 7).

The Need to Self-Regulate

(11/14/05 11:00am)

Last Friday in a well-subscribed government class, a young man was writing notes to a girl next to him. Being the confrontational person that he is, our professor took the interruption as a personal attack and decided to read their note. After he did, he seemed a little shaken. "What were you thinking? You can't write stuff like that, man!" he said to the boy. In true professorial fashion, he likened this situation to the material that we had been studying in class.

Unsustainable Global Capitalism

(11/14/05 11:00am)

A realization struck me, as it has many others, last night reading The New York Times: two op-eds -- one on environmental degradation in China, the other on the riots in France by the poor and disenfranchised -- are connected. So are the facts that many people in the world do not feel secure in and satisfied with their jobs and that the minimum wage has been falling for decades in real dollars. Those for whom the system supposedly works often are not doing well either; many corporate workers toil like sweatshop workers for ephemeral pay-offs, and life gets more fast-paced and insecure by the year.

Fulbright prof researched Muslim communities in Maldives

(11/14/05 11:00am)

Anthropology professor and Fulbright scholar Brian Didier recently returned from a Fulbright-sponsored trip to the Maldives, a small South Asian country off the coast of India. Didier's distinguished research there led to a personal meeting with the Maldivian president and inspired the organization of an upcoming international conference on South Asian Muslim communities.

Football takes aim at Brown Bears

(11/11/05 11:00am)

With its hopes of contending for an Ivy crown or finishing with a winning record thwarted after a 1-4 start in league play, the Big Green football team (2-6) will now try to play the role of spoiler, hoping to vanquish the title aspirations of its remaining two competitors, Brown and Princeton. Those two teams are currently knotted atop the Ivy standings with identical 4-1 records against league opponents. On Saturday, Dartmouth heads to Providence to take on the Bears (7-1 overall), who have won their last six games and will come into the contest overwhelming favorites.

Men's hockey seeks first victory in weekend homestand

(11/11/05 11:00am)

Three consecutive losses would not have been an ideal start to Dartmouth hockey's centennial season. However, the Big Green can transform its recent woes into a true centennial commemoration with victories this weekend over two nationally-ranked opponents. Dartmouth will welcome No. 17 Colgate (5-1-1, ECACHL 2-0) and No. 3 Cornell (3-1, ECACHL 2-0) to Thompson Arena for the 2005-06 home opener.