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Beyond Truth

(05/20/05 9:00am)

I found Meir Kohn's op-ed "Teaching and Research" (May 18) insightful until about the halfway point. There, Kohn switched his focus from teaching and research in the natural and social sciences to teaching and research in the humanities. It becomes clear very quickly that Kohn, a professor of economics, has little idea what he is talking about on this territory when he dismisses work going on in the humanities as "post-modernist, neo-Marxist claptrap." These are buzzwords (the first not even correct, really) thrown around by conservatives and philistines who come from other disciplines but believe they can dismiss work in the humanities with which they have little familiarity. As an English major and linguistics minor, I would never feign to grasp the entirety of economics, but Kohn seems remarkably confident that he has mastered the vast and complex set of studies that comprise the theoretical humanities. I would be interested to discuss the works of Foucault, Derrida, Deleuze and Guattari, Butler, Kristeva, Said, Heidegger, Nietzsche and many more in a session with him.

Undergrads collect shoes for Iraqi kids

(05/20/05 9:00am)

Dartmouth students kick off the Iraqi Kids Project Friday, a charity drive that is asking students to donate possessions to needy families in the war-ravaged country in order to promote peace between civilians and soldiers. The goods will be collected through finals, packaged by ROTC cadet Liz Hunt '05 and Meredith Wilson '07, and sent to the 25th Infantry Division for distribution.

College buys seniors' art for campus

(05/20/05 9:00am)

In an unusual College-student relationship, senior studio art majors receive money for their academic efforts, a different experience for those accustomed to paying high tuition fees. The Office of Residential Life's Art Acquisition Program, with funds from the Class of 1960, purchases works created by senior art majors, which are then permanently installed in campus buildings.

Rocky staffer plans run for Vermont rep. seat

(05/20/05 9:00am)

Although he won't officially announce his candidacy to the Vermont public until this fall, Associate Director of the Rockefeller Center Matthew Dunne is already laying the groundwork for a campaign to replace outgoing representative Bernard Sanders, I-Vt., in the U.S. House. Dunne, who plans to run as a Democrat, cited his concern with the current priorities of national politics as his main reason for running.

Six men's lacrosse players receive post-season recognition

(05/19/05 9:00am)

With the lacrosse season finished, the All-Ivy League selection committee has released its annual list of honorees. Six Dartmouth laxers were recognized, with Jamie Coffin '06, Ben Grinnell '05 and Pat Keeley '05 representing the Big Green on a first team comprised only of students from Cornell, Dartmouth and one individual from Yale.

Baseball's Bashelor '07 named to All-Ivy first team

(05/19/05 9:00am)

Four Big Green baseball players garnered All-Ivy honors earlier this month. William Bashelor '07 was named to the first team, while teammates Josh Bailey '05, Jeff Speights '05 and Brian Zurhellen '05 were honorable mention All-Ivy selections.Bashelor was one of only 13 players to earn first-team honors and was a second-team selection as a freshman.

Racism Persists at Dartmouth

(05/19/05 9:00am)

The other day, a friend of mine showed me a profile of a sophomore at the College which I found to be particularly offensive and inflammatory, and which I felt compelled to write about. The women had used computer graphics to paint herself black. Under Personal Info she had written, "I'm black" and under the "Favorite Book" section she wrote, "i i can't read or write" (presumably because of her alleged race).

Thompson a Win for SAAP

(05/19/05 9:00am)

Ever since Abby Tassel's resignation as the coordinator of the Sexual Abuse Awareness Program, the student body has been heavily pressuring the administration to be conscious not only of Abby's enormous and influential role in the preservation of the program, but also of the need to hire an equally committed and competent successor. From gatherings to recognize Tassel's work to testimonial packets delivered by hand to top administrators, student actions show that the preservation of SAAP, as established by Tassel, is at the forefront of their concerns for Dartmouth's future. Luckily, the administration, after being accused of less than enthusiastic support of Tassel's work, has heeded students' demands and made a good move by hiring April Thompson as director of judicial affairs.

UFC divvies up activities

(05/19/05 9:00am)

After hours of deliberations, the Undergraduate Finance Committee voted May 10 on how to distribute $790,000 in student activities fees for the '05"'06 fiscal year. Six of the seven organizations receiving funding will have larger budgets than last year, with Student Assembly and the Council on Student Organizations securing more funding than in any previous year.