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First-year sailors step into the spotlight with second place at Yale regatta

(11/04/04 11:00am)

On Friday night, while most of the '08 class was running their requisite laps around the oh-so-touchable bonfire, four of their classmates were asleep down at Yale University, resting up for the New England Freshman Championships. A finish in the top eight at Yale would earn the team a spot at the freshman Atlantic Coast Championships next weekend at Navy. And, since the Dartmouth sailors have already qualified for coed ACC's and women's ACC's, a bid at the freshman ACC's would nicely complement the team's domination of the eastern United States.

Home tennis tournament produces all-Dartmouth final

(11/04/04 11:00am)

The Dartmouth women's tennis team dominated the A singles flight during the weekend's Big Green Invitational, occupying three of the four tournament semifinals slots and producing its first victor in four years. Jayme Ahmed '05, Margaret Fitchet '08 and Maggie Suydam '08 reached the event's final four, and Ahmed and Fitchet advanced to the finals, where the teammates were crowned co-champions.

A Similar Sort of War

(11/04/04 11:00am)

Our ongoing culture war over marriage for gays and lesbians bears striking resemblances to America's culture war over interracial marriage (also known as miscegenation, or the mixing of races). Like all analogies, there are differences as well as similarities, but perhaps we have not pressed the analogy far enough. The entire history of miscegenation has valuable lessons to teach us today.

Four More Years: Town's Kerry fever extinguished

(11/04/04 11:00am)

Voices were both crying and cheering in the Dartmouth wilderness as Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry conceded to President Bush Wednesday. A sense of disillusionment on campus was hard to miss, with large numbers of Kerry supporters going as far as to organize a midnight vigil to grieve for their candidate's loss in the popular and electoral vote.

Verbum Ultimum

(11/03/04 11:00am)

Today, with any luck, the presidential election will be decided. To those who voted Tuesday -- wherever they voted and whomever they chose -- we offer our sincerest thanks. In an era in which many young people display only apathy about the future of the country, it is heartening to know that so many capable and talented Dartmouth students joined the throngs of American voters who cast their ballots.