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Getting to Know...

(05/06/04 9:00am)

Following in the footsteps of such journalistic luminaries as Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters and Ed Bradley, The Dartmouth's Mark Sweeney catches up with the big names on campus and asks the questions that others have too much professionalism or integrity to ask. Today, Sweeney sits down with campus celebrity Ann Scott '06.

Outlining the 'Porn Agenda'

(05/06/04 9:00am)

Kevin Arnold claims in his op-ed "EndPorn Has An Agenda" (The Dartmouth, April 30) that "the consumption of pornography may in fact be beneficial to sexual health, both for couples and for individuals." His entirely accurate and appropriate use of the word "consumption" exemplifies the problems of pornography. To consume something is to take what you want from it, use it entirely for yourself and abandon the rest. In pornography, the viewer uses the body depicted to satisfy his sexual impulses, and ignores the fact that inside the body is a human being with innate dignity, identity and value. It effectively reduces people to objects. Their value becomes confined to their immediate usefulness.

Blitz Sensitivity Check

(05/06/04 9:00am)

If there's anything that brings this college together, it is our tried and true e-mail program. Students and faculty monitor blitz as a second career because it is the main form of communication on campus, and it is made widely available. It's fast, easy and convenient. But then there is the insidious side of this service that infects individuals throughout campus without their knowing it. You don't have to look far to see the effects of the blitz disease on our student body. I don't mean the common gripe about rude people who clean out their inboxes and compose epic love e-mails at public computers while 10 of their busy peers wait impatiently behind them; or the undergrad that relies on blitz to ask out his crush rather than going up to her after class to make his move the old-fashioned way.

Future looks bright for Big Green men's golf

(05/05/04 9:00am)

A third-place conclusion at the Ivy/Patriot League Challenge Sunday, May 2 brought a solid finish to an up-and-down year for the men's golf team. In a combined effort to combat the sub-par play of the spring season and to honor senior captain Jeremiah Daly's commitment to the team, the Big Green compiled a score of 314, matching Harvard, and giving them a total two-day score of 643. Army went on to win the tournament that was located in Somers Point, N.J., with Bucknell finishing second.

Home winds blow Dartmouth sailors to nationals

(05/05/04 9:00am)

It's pretty cool, and by cool I mean totally sweet, to qualify for a national championship regatta. It's even cooler to do it in your own backyard. After the success of the Women's New England Championship two weekends ago at Boston University, in which the lady sailors earned a bid to their big event, the team sailors were in action Saturday and Sunday at their very own, recently-unfrozen Lake Mascoma.

GE Outsourcing

(05/05/04 9:00am)

Years ago India and Pakistan declared themselves nuclear powers. At the time, Indian National Minister L.K. Advani warned Pakistan that one wrong move would result in a sub-continental Hiroshima. The hostile Indian stance, coupled with the aggressive Pakistani position, seemed like both countries would surely wage war for the first time in 17 years. There were some efforts at diplomacy -- in February 1999, both countries signed the "Lahore Declaration," a promise to end the conflict peacefully. But three months later, the Indian army patrol encountered fierce combat by Pakistanis in Kashmir. Things haven't looked rosy until now. On Nov. 26, 2003, both sides agreed to a general ceasefire. The countries have restarted the old Pakistan-India cricket matches, and they have resumed air and train links. This ceasefire, however, isn't your traditional one. It wasn't wrought by traditional means; rather, it was brought about by General Electric.

A Pre-Frosh On Grade Inflation

(05/05/04 9:00am)

Over the past few weeks, Princeton students have had the ride of their lives as their administration took the elite private school into a new era: Grade Deflation. A good idea? In some respects, yes. The issue of grade inflation is a common one and must be dealt with; we can be certain of that. The idea that an A-plus might one day be the average grade is a scary thought, and naturally can force administrations and faculties to act rashly.

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