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Field hockey scores road upset over No. 17 Syracuse

(10/19/04 9:00am)

It was supposed to be the toughest test of their season, but the Dartmouth field hockey team passed with flying colors. Facing Syracuse, the 17th-ranked team in the country, in hostile territory, it would have been easy for Dartmouth to give in and accept defeat. Instead, they decided to take this opportunity and transform it into a season-defining 3-1 victory.

Just Say "No" to Copenhagen

(10/19/04 9:00am)

The sociology department's exchange program to Copenhagen is a waste of money and in need of thorough review. Every year, a dozen or so students are selected to study at the University of Copenhagen in the Fall term. Currently on the program, I have realized that the exchange agreement with the University of Copenhagen was negotiated without the interests of full-time Dartmouth students in mind. The program isn't a "scam" per se, but when it comes to tracking our tuition money, few other words come to mind.

The Likely Lads take to the stage in Montreal

(10/18/04 9:00am)

MONTREAL, Oct. 16 -- Arriving at Cabaret La Tulipe, I suddenly wondered whether I would have anything to write for an article on that evening's Libertines show. Having spent the day traipsing around the city, I found myself with a ticket in one pocket, cash in another, but my back pockets devoid of either pen or paper. No way to write down any form of setlist.

The New Evil Empire

(10/18/04 9:00am)

There was a time in my younger days when I used to believe that Republicans were evil. Every time I think that age and wisdom has tempered my judgment, something like the Voter Outreach of America comes along. I have been working in Las Vegas for America Coming Together for the last several weeks, registering people to vote -- kids who just turned 18, immigrants who came to this country to lead a better life and hard-working middle-aged Americans who just never gave a damn before. We are going into neighborhoods that have been neglected for too long, inviting them back into a democratic process that this country has always been so proud of. That is why I was crushed when I saw breaking news on our local station Tuesday night.

Follow The Money

(10/18/04 9:00am)

It would make for a catchy lead if I could say I was surprised, shocked or even disappointed by the article "Dartmouth employees open wallets for Kerry" (October 11, The Dartmouth). Those would all be better leads than my actual reaction to that article, which went something along the lines of: "No duh." But I won't lie for the sake of rhetorical effect. Anyone who couldn't predict that "Dartmouth employees open wallets for Kerry" is either entirely unfamiliar with the state of American higher education or conducting a very effective campaign of self-delusion. That the hallowed halls of academia suffer from leftward tilt is self-evident, and last week's article is just another data point to that effect.

Rugby keeps playoff hopes alive by crushing Norwich

(10/15/04 9:00am)

NORTHFIELD, Vt. -- On a beautiful sunny Saturday, the Dartmouth men's rugby team took the field against perennial rivals Norwich Military Academy with the hopes of avenging last year's disappointing loss to the team. The contest was one that Dartmouth had to win in order to stay in playoff contention and, in a physical match, the Big Green was able to dominate the game and cement a victory, 45-15.

Verbum Ultimum

(10/15/04 9:00am)

Lines stretching across the lobby of Thayer Dining Hall during Tuesday night's voter registration drive in Tindle Lounge indicate that Dartmouth students plan to vote in droves come Nov. 2. With polls showing a near deadlock in this year's heated presidential contest, the student vote could prove to be a deciding factor -- particularly in crucial swing states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. The Granite State's 30,000 college students far outnumber the 7,000-vote margin of victory with which George W. Bush edged out Al Gore in the 2000 election. If Dartmouth students register and vote en masse, they could very well influence the future of this country.

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