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'Sideways': Wine country with a full bouquet of characters

(10/25/04 9:00am)

Alexander Payne, filmmaker and self-proclaimed follower of film auteur ideal, visited the Hopkins Center Saturday night to receive the Dartmouth Film Award and to screen his latest film, "Sideways," a darker kind of romantic comedy that makes the adventures of middle-aged wine enthusiasts appealing even to late-adolescent Keystone enthusiasts.

It's the Economy, Stupid

(10/25/04 9:00am)

One of the many themes upon which John Kerry has been harping during his campaign is the sputtering American economy. Sputtering, indeed. As I am sure many of you have heard, either in Kerry's television ads, the debates, or in the soundbytes of campaign analysis provided by such disinterested commentators as DNC chairman and lying weasel Terry McAuliffe, the economy's been tanking ever since Bush's inauguration, and there is no relief in sight -- never mind you that the recession started in February 2001, a mere 11 days after Bush's inauguration, that the United States is now in something the Fed likes to call "a recovery," or that the 2000 year-end analysis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is bluntly titled "The Job Market in 2000: Slowing Down as the Year Ended." I'll even give Kerry a break -- I won't detail the positive effect of tax cuts on Americans.

Three-Ring Circus

(10/25/04 9:00am)

The current election, more than those of the past, has been dominated by professional political operatives. Politically involved people on both sides of the aisle are convinced that the opponent is merely a puppet, cavorting on the strings of his "adviser," who is the one actually calling the shots. Take, for instance, Karl Rove, the most famous of these political animals. My Democratic friends already fear him, assuming that no matter how large Kerry's lead, Rove will invoke his dreaded powers to manufacture some scandal and steal victory at the last minute. The funny thing is that, like his tactics, Rove's legend is nothing more than a bit of calculated chicanery.

Rock the Vote slams draft at rally

(10/25/04 9:00am)

With an audience wielding anti-Bush administration signs demanding "regime change," MTV's Rock the Vote took to the lawn of Dartmouth Hall Friday afternoon, urging young people to register and vote. Although conceived as a non-partisan event, the rally was overwhelmingly pro-Kerry and occurred simultaneously with a College Republicans protest against MTV in Los Angeles.

Rugby defends home turf in win

(10/22/04 9:00am)

SACHEM FIELD, Oct. 16 -- The Dartmouth rugby team took the field at home against their undefeated New England rivals from the University of Connecticut Saturday, in a match that was desperately needed in order to keep the Big Green's playoff hopes alive. In a hard fought contest, the DRFC came from behind to clinch a narrow victory, 22-19, despite repeated UConn efforts to score in the final minutes.

Vox Clamantis in Harlem

(10/22/04 9:00am)

I guess I have to start out with a confession: I'm fairly uninformed. I don't find newspapers that enjoyable, and I'm lucky if I can pick up The Dartmouth a couple times a week and give it a quick read. I'm even less likely to react to something I read in the paper, but after catching an article in The Columbia Spectator that gave Dartmouth a thorough railing, I felt a humble response couldn't hurt.

Verbum Ultimum: The Dartmouth Endorses John Kerry for President

(10/22/04 9:00am)

When Sen. John Kerry visited Dartmouth's Hinman Forum in January 2003 -- just a month after announcing his intention to run for president -- the country he hoped to lead was an entirely different place than the one we live in today. Twenty-two months ago, we were a nation at peace, a nation with allies and a nation prepared to defend ourselves against terror, at home and abroad. Kerry argued then to a standing room-only crowd that before launching into a preemptive war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq, it was incumbent upon the president to work with the world community and to ensure that every peaceable solution had been exhausted. "I think I bring a capacity to stand up to the president," he argued. "And I'm not going to allow the president to bamboozle people on that issue." Twenty-two months, $150 billion and 1,103 American lives later, President Bush continues to bamboozle the people, but in 11 days we have the opportunity to set America back on course and elect Kerry president of the United States.

Laura Bush makes Lebanon Opera visit

(10/22/04 9:00am)

LEBANON -- Over 800 Upper Valley residents erupted Thursday morning as first lady Laura Bush took the stage at a packed Lebanon Opera House. In her characteristically calm manner, Bush delivered a stump speech that touched on contentious issues such as the Iraq war and taxes, but she also focused on education -- an issue Bush has advocated throughout her husband's four-year tenure.

Going downriver: 'Creek' a success

(10/21/04 9:00am)

One could approach "Mean Creek" as I did, with a certain set of expectations. Certainly, the advertisements and trailers for the film invoke the feeling that the independent film, being the directorial debut of Jacob Aaron Estes, will ultimately culminate in a convenient and predictably tragic climax that catalyzes the central character's coming of age. The film's rather mundane title, even, does little to abate such abject reservations.

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