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The Halliburton Amendment

(05/21/03 9:00am)

Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives just aren't tactful when it comes to foreign affairs. In what foes are calling the "Enmienda Halliburton" (the Halliburton Amendment), Republicans on the House International Relations Committee have attached a clause to a State Department bill calling for "an accord to open Petroleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) to investment by U.S. oil companies." PEMEX would have to open up to foreign investment before the United States agreed to an amnesty deal for illegal Mexican immigrants. Although Mexican President Fox has been pushing for an amnesty deal since he came into office, the Bush administration has been reluctant to tackle the issue. Now, Republicans are asking Mexico for oil in exchange for amnesty. One of Mexico's leading dailies said it best: "Blackmail in the U.S.: Immigration Accord for PEMEX."

Rebooting the Matrix

(05/20/03 9:00am)

There is a climactic car chase/fight scene/shootout in The Matrix: Reloaded that was one of the most relevant parts of the Wachowski brothers' film. It wasn't because of the technical mastery of the wire work, special effects and martial arts. This explosive action sequence piqued my attention because all of the cars involved were GM products. An Escalade SUV and a CTS sports sedan, as part of their service to the Grande Dame of American Luxury, were the chosen mounts of leading actors in the film. Fittingly, their demises are glorious and almost emotional affairs of painfully screeching metal, angry stuttering machine guns and roaring engines. Yet the entire spectrum of GM cars are gleefully destroyed as well. Featuring prominently were a series of unfortunate Malibus, Suburbans, Caprices, Intrigues and GMC trucks.

Children, Dartmouth students touched by kind horses

(05/20/03 9:00am)

Sally Batton, Dartmouth College's Director of Riding, works in a place where memories and miracles are made. Her favorite story involves a10-year-old child who enrolled in the Farm's Challenge program for mentally challenged children and adults. Before participating in the program, he had trouble speaking to his parents and looking people directly in the eye. After his first lesson, he made eye contact with his parents for the first time, while correctly reciting the names of all the Farm's horses.