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On Dartmouth Branding

(05/23/03 9:00am)

HYP -- Harvard, Yale, Princeton. Like it or not, these three schools are generally considered the nation's top three schools, the most selective and elite. Dartmouth may be an Ivy League school, but some don't consider Dartmouth in the same league as HYP. In truth, Dartmouth beats the pants off these schools in some areas (quality of life and accessibility to professors come to mind). Yet, however much better Dartmouth is in its quality of academics, student body, or even athletics, Dartmouth will not be considered in the same sentence as HYP. Why? HYP are hyped. Dartmouth isn't. HYP are brand names that people use interchangeably with "smart" and "successful." Dartmouth has the credentials and possibility to supplant one of these three, but it has to fight the battle not in the classrooms or libraries, but in the world of imagery and branding.

Here's to Goodbye

(05/23/03 9:00am)

And so the time has come. I look back at the year that has just passed and hope that in these months, I have become just a little wiser, just a little stronger, just a little older. Of course I've become older when it comes to age, but hopefully the same can be said when it comes to my perceptiveness, my maturity and my understanding of the world around me. I feel older. I can see the change in myself. The same situations, the same actions, the same people seem so different to me now than they had a year ago. And isn't this what college is all about -- growing, evolving, discovering yourself, your passions, your imagination?

Dartmouth ensemble to dance with Costa Rican group

(05/22/03 9:00am)

This weekend, the Dartmouth Dance Ensemble will host "Cross Culture," a spring performance with some special guests: the Dance Company of the National University of Costa Rica and poet and guest performer Chin Woon Ping. The four-year-old Dartmouth ensemble performed with the National University's company in San Jos earlier this spring.

As Long as We're Separate...

(05/22/03 9:00am)

I want to get one thing clear before we start. I am one of "those" feminists. You know, the yelling, screaming, ugly, hairy, vegetarian, lesbian, pro-choice, women's studies, tampon-burning, pacifist, leftist, radical, communist-Nazi kind of feminist. The kind that isn't worth listening to. The kind that is incapable of rational debate. If I had any shame I would skulk home with my tail between my legs, instead of brazening it out (as usual) in a fruitless attempt to defend myself.

... And Proud of It!

(05/22/03 9:00am)

I am a Republican. There, I said it! I share this identity with a majority of my fellow Americans, the majority of our elected representatives and our president. Despite this, the environment here at our dear college is one that denigrates and scapegoats that identity. Some of us face social isolation, raised eyebrows, verbal assaults and are compelled to continually defend ourselves.