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Diversity or Farce?

(11/04/03 11:00am)

I was at a conference in Washington, D.C., recently and had the good fortune of sitting at a surprisingly diverse dinner table with eight other students -- two African Americans, two Asians, one Hispanic and the rest white, different sexes, and each from a different state. The table was described by someone as the epitome of diversity. After all, how often do you get such a diverse group of people to sit down at the same table to talk politics? But, there was a slight catch. All but one were liberal. All but one were Democrats and Howard Dean supporters. The table was diverse, indeed, but with only regards to race and gender.

McBride shares his musical journey in SAE lecture series

(11/03/03 11:00am)

When members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity discovered that acclaimed electric and acoustic bassist Christian McBride would be on campus with the Pat Metheny Trio this weekend, they knew they had an opportunity they couldn't miss. Upon hearing the news, they invited McBride to speak at their house as part of their Andrew J. Scarlett Lecture Series.

The Power of the Observer

(11/03/03 11:00am)

You cannot solve a problem if you are not exposed to its reality. This idea is so simple, but digging down to the root of a concern has become a thorny dilemma for developing countries, especially when it comes to healthcare. Huge non-governmental organizations and corporations are pouring money toward medical relief, but why are people in developing countries suffering from highly preventable diseases? The leading causes of death in developed countries, like the United States, are heart disease and cancer. In contrast, in many areas of the developing world, easily preventable diseases like respiratory infections, diarrhea, tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition are the leading medical problems. If we have the money and the medicine, what's going on? This is an extreme threat not only to poor populations but to our global society. The repercussions are endless. A poor health system anywhere becomes an ominous risk, both socially and economically, to everyone.

Safety or Insecurity

(11/03/03 11:00am)

An '07, a small women, her face glowing with excitement and energy, comes running by me with a huge smile on her face. She is on the outside of the endless circle of other '07s trying to complete 107 laps around the bonfire. As she passes by me, she comes within a few inches of brushing a police officer standing next to me. As she passes by him, this large officer shoves her, hard, from behind. The small woman flies forward, off balance, and lands on her hands and knees with 800 other students barring down to trample her. Obviously shaken and confused, the smile on her face ripped away; she is helped up by some friends and urged onward.

Separate the Powers

(11/03/03 11:00am)

Florida is a lovely state blessed with warm weather nearly year-round that is the envy of all Dartmouth students, as we brave snowfall in October. However, it is in this state that an assault against the separation of powers on which our nation was founded is currently taking place, all under the supervision of Governor Jeb Bush.