Order inducts new members

by Lane Verlenden | 11/4/03 6:00am

The Dartmouth Chapter of the Order of Omega held its annual induction ceremony at the Hanover Inn last night, honoring certain members of the Dartmouth Greek system as well as various faculty and administrators. The Order applauded the inductees' high academic achievement and leadership among their respective organizations.

The Order of Omega, which was founded at the University of Miami in 1959, is a national Greek honor society, which recognizes outstanding students affiliated with the Greek System.

The Dartmouth Chapter's president, Reid Coggins '04, said that while the society's utmost principle is to honor academic achievement and leadership in the Dartmouth Greek system, the Order has also provided a link between the Greek system and the administration. This link has helped the Order create many campus wide programs, according to Coggins.

At the ceremony this year, 17 new members from the class of 2005 and 2004 were inducted into the Order. These students were selected during the summer from an applicant pool of over 80 students. The current '04 members of the Order assessed the applicants on their GPAs, involvement in the Dartmouth community and on an essay about an influential professor of their choosing.

The new inductees to the Order this year were Robert Sebastian '04, Bradford Frese '05, David Greenberg '05, Katherine Heyman '05, Lindsey Horton '05, Amanda Jaber '05, Meredith Jones '05, Andrew Kallmann '05, Christian Littlejohn '05, Colleen McCaffrey '05, Philip Nodhturft '05, Mary Reynolds '05, Nathan Saperia '05, Kyle Swingle '05, Nicole Valco '05, Christina Yu '05 and Min Zhang '05. These 17 students represented a large range of the Greek organizations here at Dartmouth.

The current members of the Order of Omega also inducted nine faculty members and administrators into the society. These honorary members were chosen for reasons including involvement and support for the Greek System.

The faculty and administrators honored by the society included Ozzie Harris, Norma Hazelton, Alex Hernandez-Siegel, Marcia Kelly, James Larimore, Susan Wright, Lisa Thum, and David Kang. Other honorary members not present at the ceremony were Stuart Lord and Nels Armstrong.

The Dartmouth Chapter of the Order of Omega, which boasts more than 300 members since its 1991 founding, has recently been involved with the United Way, organizing a campus wide charity drive. The Order has received over $840 in only two days of operation, with its goal being $10,000 by the end of the winter quarter.