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Exhibition paints fascinating portrait of modernism

(11/25/02 11:00am)

The 10-year period between 1910 and 1920 may at first seem like an extraordinarily short time span in which to study innovations in art. In terms of the wave of modernism that swept through the art world in the early years of the 20th century, though, this single decade had an enormous impact on transforming the ways in which artists and their viewers would forever look at art.

The Other Soft Bigotry

(11/25/02 11:00am)

There exists a consensus within America that it is wrong and racist to hold members of one race to a lower standard than those of another. Indeed, President Bush made the elimination of the "soft bigotry of low expectations" a cornerstone of his education policy during the most recent presidential election. This is a very positive development in our culture, but sadly it has not been extended to our foreign policy. American foreign policy has tended to condemn human rights abuses of white leaders but has often given a pass on more serious abuses by black or non-Western leaders. This dichotomy is wrong, and also detrimental to our credibility in forging a color-blind foreign policy.

"The Why" Behind the Slogan

(11/25/02 11:00am)

There has been some concern and confusion expressed to us over the past week regarding the signs we have posted throughout much of campus questioning Dartmouth spending habits. We posted these signs because we are upset that the College is considering cuts to library and departmental budgets while it continues to spend money on what we perceive to be ineffective social programming. While we appreciate the College's efforts, we believe Dartmouth should not abandon its longstanding commitment to academic excellence. In our opinion, reducing the budget of each academic department by 4.2 percent over the next year constitutes a reduced commitment to what makes Dartmouth great.

INS regulations delay Hop artists

(11/25/02 11:00am)

Stricter Immigration and Naturalization Services regulations enacted in the wake of Sept. 11 may have made U.S. citizens feel more secure, but they have proved a major headache for many performing arts centers around the country -- including Dartmouth's own Hopkins Center -- which have been forced to cancel or reschedule shows by foreign-born artists who were unable to obtain visas in time to perform.

Dinner with the Dean

(11/22/02 11:00am)

Over the past two years there have been myriad constants at Dartmouth. For instance: DOC Trips will determine your first-year friendships, girl's fro-yo addiction will spread faster than most STDs, complaints will be made by various op-ed writers and dinners will be held every Tuesday night at Dean of the Tucker Foundation Stuart Lord's house. It's been this way, every week, for the last two years, and it should be this way for a long time to come.