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(07/13/01 9:00am)

The '03 Class Council may be getting new officers, but rest assured that we will still have to put up with the same phony leadership that has defined our esteemed Councilmen from the beginning. A brief glance at Council activities quickly disproves any notion of representation and shows us what our Class Council is really about.

Film captures pain of Holocaust

(07/11/01 9:00am)

For many people around the world, it is still extraordinarily difficult to come to terms with the unprecedented genocide, sharp scarring pain and permanent devastation of the Holocaust. But cinema, if used with care and thoughtfulness, can provide a cathartic vehicle to address these most perplexing states of human condition. Then again, films that meet a high standard of deliberate artistic care are not always a frequent find.

Pin Prick

(07/11/01 9:00am)

This sucks. No doubts about it, no questions asked, this plain, old sucks. The Boston Red Sox, who have led the AL East for six weeks and have been one of the five best teams in the American League the entire season, will have only one, count 'em one, representative at the 2001 All-Star Game in Seattle.

Amoral Silence

(07/09/01 9:00am)

The recent 4th of July celebrations offer a unique opportunity to reflect upon an ideal our nation was founded upon: freedom from tyrannical rule. Whether from governmental encroachment on civil liberties or foreign expansionist threats, the mission of America has been to promote liberty, freedom and equality universally. This premise of rewarding democracies and supporting human rights while vigorously combating the threat of authoritarian or tyrannical rule is now in jeopardy with the Bush Administration's conspicuous silence on Beijing's bid for the 2008 Olympics.

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