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Kramer vs. critics: Young filmmaker offers fresh vision

(10/17/01 9:00am)

It is safe to say that in life, people try to attain certain levels of talent and success in their respective fields. For some, it is their jobs, and for others it is just a hobby that they truly enjoy. For Oliver Kramer '02, filmmaking is a pursuit in which he is both talented and successful. His many films and other productions, which have been met with much acclaim, are tangible testaments to his level of achievement.

The Geek Awards

(10/17/01 9:00am)

My favorite Bingo number is I-21. It's the only number that, when I call it, is a complete and completely truthful sentence. Every time I see its face on the little ball in my hand, I imagine all of the Bingo players in front of me asking my age. And then, as dramatically as possible, I yell out, "I 21."

Come Together?

(10/17/01 9:00am)

I'm not what you might call a passionate supporter of George W. Bush. In fact, I really don't like him at all. My dislike for President Bush most likely stems from the fact that we have very little in common. He's old; I'm young. He's rich; I'm not. He's Republican; I'm sane. On many political issues as well, there is very little common ground. He's for the arming of all Americans with automatic weapons; I'm for the disarming of policemen and soldiers. He's for the killing of people accused of committing crimes; I'm for the killing of unborn children. He's for the weak separation between church and state; I'm for the abolition of religion. Basically, I disagree with President Bush on almost everything.

'Smallville' off to a super start

(10/16/01 9:00am)

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman! But wait -- where's the suit? And why isn't he trying to save the world? Yes, it's still the famous caped crusader we all know and love, but this time he's an awkward teenager struggling to survive in that dangerous jungle we call high school. "Smallville," a new original WB series, follows the daily trials and tribulations of a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) as he deals with typical teenage problems; you know -- zits, homework, bullies, emerging superpowers.