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Typical America

(11/02/00 11:00am)

Recently in Washington, President Clinton celebrated the 200th anniversary of the White House. Complete with the type of fanfare that only fife music is appropriate for, Clinton evoked the memories of John Adams and Franklin Roosevelt; it was a day, he conveyed, to appreciate this nation's rich history.

Green With Anger

(11/02/00 11:00am)

Trade your vote? It's a bizarre concept. Why would you vote for anyone other than the candidate of your choice? Yet a group of Al Gore supporters have gotten together with a group of Ralph Nader supporters in order to create a website that asks voters to trade their Nader vote in a competitive state with someone voting for Gore in a non-competitive state. This rather sad scheme for trying to prevent the hemorrhaging of Al Gore's candidacy is in itself pathetic, because it admits that Al Gore's only chance of winning the presidency is with Nader's help. Rather than waiting until the last week of the election and trying to convince people to abandon Nader in order to prevent a Bush presidency, Gore should have convinced them through the power of his accomplishments, his ideas and his beliefs. A Bush presidency may be an anathema to many liberals, but Ralph Nader is right when he says, you should vote for whomever you believe is the best candidate. One of the biggest problems with our democracy is that too many people already feel like they are voting for the lesser of two evils. A Gore loss is Gore's fault, not Ralph Nader's.

My obsessive use of irony makes me feel like a big man

(11/01/00 11:00am)

I think I speak for all Americans when I say that I really identify with "It's My Life," the new-ish Bon Jovi song. Sure, the heavy guitar represents a drastic departure from their folk-rock roots, but I think it's impressive that an old, obviously gay man like Jon Bon Jovi can keep up with these "hard rock" times. But that's not the only thing I love about this song. Far from it.

Political Cartoons

(11/01/00 11:00am)

The election is one week away. Pundits are talking about the "home stretch," or saying that the candidates are "rounding third," and using similar sports analogies. These analogies, while they appear to be used purely to make an article sound exciting, are important to our world of American politics. We live in a society where political discussions are usually associated with heterosexual masculinity and male-identified sports. Candidates don't just defeat their opponents by a wide margin, they "slam dunk" them. A good line in a debate is the "touchdown pass." These metaphors play upon the central notion that a politician must be tough to serve in office. Hence, generals like Eisenhower have an advantage, because they don't need to assert their masculinity. George H.W. Bush needed to overcome his image as a "wimp" in order to take the presidency. This rhetoric also defines women out of the political domain. We don't picture a WNBA player on the court; we picture Michael Jordan.

About My Mother

(11/01/00 11:00am)

Recently my mother groused about not being mentioned at all in the two and a half years I've been writing columns for The Dartmouth. Though this is untrue -- I can produce a factual fact that I made a reference to my "mommy" in a January '99 piece -- I would still like to devote this particular column to my mother.

Point/Counterpoint - Bush

(11/01/00 11:00am)

There is under a week until the election in which the American people will decide who will be the next leader of the free world. The election is turning out to be a choice between two philosophies of governing. One man is guided by a principled vision for a better America. The other man is guided almost purely by the cynical pragmatism of politics that has disenchanted so many of us.