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Outkast's 'Stankonia' a spiritual and innovative leap forward

(11/06/00 11:00am)

Hip-hop groups attempting to stay on the cutting edge will now have to work a little harder. Outkast's fourth offering, "Stankonia," has pushed today's limits that much further. More than a change in mentality, "Stankonia" is simply the next step in Outkast's evolution. Lesser known tracks off of "Aquemini," Outkast's third album, integrated futuristic ("Chonky Fire") and P-funk ("Synthesizer") techniques.

Wasting My Vote?

(11/06/00 11:00am)

Like many Nader supporters, I have been pestered, harassed and generally made to feel like a traitor by many of my friends in the progressive movement. "Kelly," they ask, "why are you purposely choosing to waste your vote?" "Isn't a vote for Nader a vote for Bush?" Or, when they're feeling particularly colorful, "I hate you. We are no longer friends." I've taken more than a little such abuse this year -- most of it, oddly enough, during the past few weeks, as Gore's campaign has experienced what one might call a "technical difficulty" (i.e., Al Gore.) While I appreciate the concern shown by my fellow liberals, I'd like to take a moment to remind them that I'm NOT voting for the enemy, I'm voting for the only candidate who truly represents our views.

A Vote for Gore is a Vote for Nader

(11/06/00 11:00am)

I am writing this opinion statement simply to make some suggestions on the upcoming presidential election. I am not trying to force anyone to think the way I do or to vote the way I do. I am simply trying to share some personal insight on the choice being made this Tuesday. To be up front and frank with you, this column is not meant for anyone intending to vote for George W. Bush. Instead, this is an opinion statement aimed at all Gore and Nader supporters.

Don't Be Too Smart

(11/03/00 11:00am)

It seems natural to college students to select their leaders based on the intelligence that they display. After all, we live in a world of tests and grades where the person who remembers the most or the person who interprets the most gets the grade. This seems to be the root of Vice President Gore's appeal. He got better grades at Harvard than the Governor of Texas did at Yale. He lived his life in government from the U.S. Army to the U.S. Senate, studying, analyzing and generally getting a better grip on the issues that face our world today. This man knows the best for America. He wrote big, thick policy books like "Earth in the Balance." Heck, he even knows why Governor Bush's tax cuts aren't a good idea. A person who knows more about his opponent's plans than his opponent has a natural right to be the president, right?