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Regis makes contestants, ABC rich on 'Millionaire'

(11/08/99 11:00am)

The TV game show. Despite its obvious entertainment value, this genre has seen more ups and downs than a drunk on a roller coaster in its over fifty years on the air. But the recent success of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on ABC this summer changed all that, transforming the game show from its former status as a novelty to a high-profile network ratings-grabber.

Bob Smith's GOP

(11/08/99 11:00am)

The story begins in July of this past summer. Senator Bob Smith, the senior senator from New Hampshire, delivered a 50-minute speech on the floor of the United States Senate. Before a packed gallery of tourists and hill staffers, Smith attacked the Republican leadership suggesting that political consultants and polls were being used to direct GOP strategy. According to Smith, "The Republican platform is a meaningless document that has been put out there, so suckers like me and maybe suckers like you out there can read it. I did not come here for that reason. I did not come here to compromise my values to promote the interests of a political party. I came here to promote the interests of my country." This political manifesto culminated with Smith declaring himself independent and intending to run for president as such or on the U.S. Taxpayer's Party ticket. However, after more than 110 days of playing a presidential candidate, Smith announced the end of his run for the White House citing "financial problems." And, of course, there is the reality that he had absolutely no chance of winning.

Just Saying Hello

(11/08/99 11:00am)

Hi. How are you? How you doing? Nice day. Good morning/afternoon/evening. Even 'sup?' will work if that's your preference. These are all perfectly great ways to interact with fellow Dartmouth students as you cross paths with them on your way to one of the numerous classes, activities and events that fill up your days here in Hanover.

Russia's Rights

(11/05/99 11:00am)

The similarities between the current armed conflict in Chechnya and the recent military action in Kosovo raises some very frightening implications for America's current foreign policy. Once again an Eastern European country is fighting a violent war against a separatist southern province. Yet again, the war is being waged primarily because of ethnic and religious differences between the province's independence-minded minority and an angry majority in the north. And yet again the conflict has produced large numbers of refugees and a high level of civilian casualties. The major difference is that instead of rushing to react with military forces, this time neither NATO nor the U.S. has offered anything other than rhetoric.