Alumni Do Care What Happens to Greek Houses

by Craig Allen | 11/5/99 6:00am

To the Editor:

In an article from the Nov. 3 issue of The Dartmouth, Jeff Deck '02 writes: "I know, and you all know, that once we leave this campus, the issue of the Greek system will be a moot point. Most will care little or not at all about the fate of Dartmouth social options once they leave here."

Speaking from the standpoint of someone who has left campus, I would like to disagree with this statement.

I and many of my fellow alumni on both sides of the issue care very much about the eventual fate of the Greek system at Dartmouth. For one thing, as an alum of a Greek house I am a voting member of the corporation that owns the house and the property on which it sits. If the administration were to move towards eliminating the Greek system, that action would have profound effects on the corporation, both financially and structurally. In addition, I personally would have little to no reason to return to Dartmouth for Homecoming as I have on a yearly basis since my graduation -- where would I visit, my first-year dorm room? The BEMA?

I agree with Mr. Deck's denoucement of a "stifling influence" on campus; if that in fact is the case, it is regrettable. Certainly all opinions should be heard, even sought out. I would, however, also include the opinion of alumni.

To address Mr. Deck's point about the continuation of standards of behavior that were set at Dartmouth, I can only concur once again - I have observed the "perpetuation of certain types of behavior" in my fellow alumni, such as maintaining meaningful friendships and acting as responsible leaders, just as I did when they were members and leaders of the Greek system. They also try not to use sweeping generalizations about the behavior of organizations and their members.

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