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(04/23/99 9:00am)

Apathetic. Is that how you would describe yourself? Is that how you would describe your fellow Dartmouth students? Whether or not your would classify your community, your college as apathetic, it was certainly a key word floating around last week's Trustee meeting. The description, however, was coming from some of this campus's most well-respected leaders, not from the mighty guardians of the college pocketbook. Evidence of said apathy was a lack of attendance at recent Working Group meetings and Task Force discussion groups. It apparently is the prevailing mood on campus.

The Senior Experience

(04/23/99 9:00am)

Senior Year. It is a time when students are engrossed in writing culminating projects, spending lost time with close friends before they part, partaking in the vast pleasures that Dartmouth offers, and in the midst of this, determining what they will do following commencement. These activities and associated emotions form an experience so distinct from that of the other three years that seniors often find solace only in the company of classmates. In writing a proposal related to the Trustees' principles, the unique needs of seniors by virtue of their experience, cannot be overlooked. Consider this ...

The Cold World

(04/22/99 9:00am)

With the advent of better technology, it's becoming increasingly easier to stay in contact with old friends and relatives. I have about eighty people on my Instant Messenger buddy list. Especially prolific on the list are friends and acquaintances from high school, some of whom I figured I would never talk to again. Yet, through BlitzMail, Instant Messenger, ICQ, you name it, it seems we can stay connected with many people we care about.

Another Kind of Racism

(04/22/99 9:00am)

Over the past three years at Dartmouth I have been told repeated times that I am privileged because I am white, heterosexual, male, American, and upper-middle class. All of these privileges are said to justify Affirmative Action, the opening of opportunities to people based upon their race, ethnicity, sex, etc. Internships, scholarships, housing, and special administrators are made available to people based upon these different "qualifications."

Bombing for Peace is a Mistake

(04/22/99 9:00am)

Rather than analyzing the situation piece- meal, as people have wanted to do the last few months in regards to the present situation in Kosovo, people should consider a wider scope of recent Balkan history. Since 1987, Slobodon Milosevic has been leading a campaign of radical nationalism in an attempt to maintain his strangle-hold of power in Yugoslavia. Rather than representing the people, he has shut down newspapers, radio stations, and any other organization that dares to offer an alternative to his program of destruction. He has been responsible for three previous wars (against Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina), although other Western powers share some blame in the chaos. The rush of Germany to recognize Croatia and Slovenia contributed to the feeling in Bosnia that Western support would come upon independence. As it happened, such support did not materialize until 1995.

A cover boy again, Redman voices Porter and Prince

(04/21/99 9:00am)

Commanding legions of bonkers, fists-in-the-air fans, Joshua Redman is the closest contemporary jazz comes to a gladiator deity. Directing an earnest, unprejudiced eye towards jazz's interpretive powers, the 29-year-old saxophonist and composer generates an excitement in his live performances unusual for most sunglasses-at-night fans of the form. Whether it's his populist taste or arched-back performance athleticism that is reaching people, he is giving modern jazz a model face and clean, lean horn lines.

Ten in Line

(04/21/99 9:00am)

Tonight at Home Plate, friendships faced destruction when the dinner conversation turned to a rather controversial subject: the release of the new Star Wars movies. You would think that this would be light-hearted matter to be tossed around in idle talk. "Star Wars" movies -- especially those which are yet to be released -- should, in terms of potential heated debate, rank among conversations such as "What was your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?" and "Do you prefer Ames or Kmart?" But when you gather my friends at a Home Plate table, "The Phantom Menace" becomes a source of life and death debate.